Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sephora Haul

This is my first shopping trip after I had gotten sick. It feels great having that little time for myself to shop around for my things.

I had my eye on getting Make Up Forever's HD Foundation so I headed straight for Sephora at Ion to get colour matched. The SA applied two different shades (123 - Desert and 125 - Sand) on my neck. I always thought we should be colour matched on the side of our chin. Shade 123 appeared to match my neck better so I settled for that. I guess I'll see how well it matches my skintone when I wear it out soon. It costs SGD $75. It is so much more expensive as compared to the USD $40 price tag. But I couldn't risk ordering online and getting a bad shade match.

I recently tried to order Urban Decay's Naked Palette and Shadow Pencil without success. Urban Decay online no longer accept international cards and you can't pay through Pay Pal unless you have a US account. Bummer! I wanted to test out the new Shadow Pencils. I had my eye on Lit a golden bronze shade. They were creamy and seemed to blend well when I used my fingers to blend it out. I also fell in love with Morphine alight purple with pale blue shift. I didn't dare to swatch more in case I fell in love with more colours.

I also picked up a bright summery blue dress from Promod. It suits me very well. I also bought a pair of cherry earrings from Accessorize.

I did a very simple purple eye look with my favourite Ardell's 108. I used the two purple eye shadows in Shu Uemura's Graceful Bloom palette, MAC Shroom and Lorac's Pro Liner Liquid Eye Liner.

Without false lashes

With Ardell 108


  1. Lovely haul as usual! I wish they would sanitise the products more in Sephora... sometimes I see them in a major mess. Well.... at least it's better than Watsons!

  2. Hey Tracy I know what you mean, just because they are testers, some ladies really just go for it. I cringe when I look at the state of them. I can't imagine some ladies still wanting to try out tester lipsticks directly on their lips. Quite gross.

  3. LOL! I think I'm guilty for doing the lipstick thing, but only after wiping it down with a tissue several times. I wipe it again when I'm done cos I can just imagine that it'll build up on the stands that hold the lipsticks. Luckily I haven't contracted herpes simplex yet. Touch wood.

  4. I am guilty of asking my Chanel counter lady to try on the lipstick testers on my lips. I do check that she cleans the lipstick. I'm not so confident of testers found at drugstores, I can imagine that they have been used more often and indiscriminately.

  5. Hi I love your eye makeup. May I know what eyeliner & mascara you use to make your eyes so defined in the pictures from this post? Thanks
    Also, hope you'll do a makeup tutorial some time!

  6. Hey Anon thanks for your encouragement! I used my Lorac Front of the line eye liner over my MAC fluidline. I did not use any mascara I used Ardell fake lashes in 108 they are the most natural for me.


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