Sunday, April 10, 2011

Malay Wedding and a trip to Sentosa Boardwalk

It is great to be out and about again. I don't care if I'm still coughing like crazy, it just feels good to be outside and in the sun. I can't wait to resume my running and dance classes.

My family and I attended a Malay wedding today. My neighbour's son has gotten married and they were kind enough to invite the whole family. I love Malay weddings. The atmosphere is lively and the food is always spectacular. The best part is, people just come and go as they please, no fixed timing, the wedding celebrations goes on for the entire day.

I gave my son the camera and he ran around taking the following shots.

Crispy fried fish

Spicy Beef Rendang

Vegetarian curry

Heavenly desserts. I love my Malay kuehs

Not bad huh?

That is my mom to the right and my aunt to the left.

After a very satisfying lunch, we headed down to Vivocity. While DH and DS were busy looking at toys, I sneaked off to the Chanel counter yet again and got away with Monte Carlo Rouge Coco Shine. (Shh.... Don't tell anyone) Later we took a walk down the Sentosa Board walk. It is a really pretty place, great for strolls in the evening when it is cool. There are travelators along the board walk for the exercise challenged.

We stopped by at a crepe place just in the middle of the board walk for a little snack.

I didn't quite like the texture of the crepe. It had too much flour and it was a little hard. The caramelised bananas were way too soft.

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