Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evening stroll on the Southern Ridges with my family

I have been wanting to walk on The Southern Ridges since they opened. My family and I finally made it on the Southern Ridges last week during the long Easter weekend.

We started at Hort Park and made our way towards the Henderson Waves.

The view is just amazing. I feel very thankful for the wonderful guys who came out with the idea to do this. What a beautiful place to stroll and get your exercise!

We stopped before Henderson Wave and walked back. We took our stroll in the evening at about 5.30 p.m. It took us about 45 minutes for the whole trip.

I think early mornings and evenings are the best time to take a stroll. It can be quite hot and humid. Always check the weather reports, with the sudden rains and thunderstorms it can get quite dangerous if you got yourself stuck in the middle of the walk. Parents with small children, prepare lots of water, snacks and an extra change of clothes. Be prepared to carry your little one because the walk might be quite tiring for them. The walk is made of steel grates, quite slippery when wet. I don't think it is stroller friendly.

This is something you must do if you love nature.


  1. Thanks very much for this! I really enjoy doing walks and it's a pity that Singapore's weather is not very pleasant for walking most of the time, unlike temperate countries where I walk practically everywhere. I did the Treetop Walk a couple of months back at MacRitchie, starting at Venus Drive:

    It is quite nice, but I think it's a lot more rugged than the Kent Ridge trails and may not be very suitable for young children.

  2. I would love to bring my son to Mac Ritchie but am afraid he won't be able to manage to trail. Probably have to train him up first :). I totally agree with you about our weather being a challenge.


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