Friday, April 29, 2011

Current lemmings

I have bad bad eyes. I came across J Crew's new summer frocks and I am in lust! J Crew clothes are above my price rangebut I can' t resist these beautiful dresses.

Cecilia Dress in Retro Orange
Same dress but in white
This cost USD $158. I definitely want to take the plunge and get this but I'm torn between Retro Orange and White. What should I get?

Which color should I pick?

This dress is also so gorgeous. It is the green I have been looking for. Sigh. I plan to buy one to try out if the size fits before I get another. What do you think?

Eyelet Derby dress in Warm Jade


  1. So glad you're blogging more! Yay! I wanted to vote on the first dress but for some reason I am brought to a page that says my vote could not be counted. Anyway I would definitely go for Retro Orange, I think it's more versatile and unique at the same time than white which looks like it will be much more casual and a day dress only, while I could see the orange being dressed up for night with the right shoes, makeup and accessories. I prefer the first dress to the second for the same reasons, especially since their dresses are a bit pricey for casual dresses! I often have to tell myself to stop spending on makeup and spend more on clothes, as I've got so much makeup and clothes are a lot more visible :P

  2. Actually I have never spent more than 150 on clothings but this is just so pretty. I love wearing dresses to work. No need to worry about coordinating outfits and so cooling. The orange does look more stunning doesn't it.


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