Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo swatches and reviews

Okay I said I wouldn't be buying anymore Rouge Coco Shines but I'm really loving how they feel and look on my lips. I left the house the other day forgetting to bring my makeup pouch and I wanted to touch up.

I feel naked without lipstick and my Sari D'eau kinda disappeared after a hearty nasi briyani lunch. I was at Vivocity and decided it was a great idea to pick up Bobbi Brown's new Rich Lip Colour. Unfortunately, they didn't have them yet so naturally I wandered over to the Chanel counter. I saw Monte Carlo and decided to give it a swatch, liked it so much I decided to take it home with me. I know, I'm a hopeless addict.

Under bright sunlight

Both Monte Carlo and Rebelle belong to the red category. Monte Carlo is a sheer rose red shade on me.

It is slightly more muted as compared to Rebelle which is a brighter orange red.

It gives me about 3 hours of wear provided I'm not eating but sipping drinks. In order to keep Rouge Coco Shine staying longer on my lips, I apply my usual lip balm ahead of all my skincare and makeup routine. I apply a thin layer of either foundation or concealer around my lips and line my lips with a lip liner. Creamy lip liners work very well as a base. I found that Rouge Coco Shine clung well to MAC lip liners as compared to the Chanel one that I have.

I love how moisturising they are. Even when it wears off, it leaves a pretty stain. I really enjoy applying this throughout the day.

Mac Spice Lip Liner as base

Mac Spice Lip Liner as base
Chanel Natural Lip Liner as base

Chanel Natural Lip Liner as base
Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. i really like how it shows up on your lips with both liners as base :)

    ps. i just bought Rebelle yesterday! very unique color in my collection :D

  2. Hey Georgina, isn't Rebelle just simply lovely? I love it too. I absolutely have to stay away from the Chanel counter. I think I better ban myself from the counter for at least a month. 4 Chanel lipsticks in a month in way too many.


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