Thursday, April 14, 2011

Becca Nude Liner in Nougat Review

I bought this lip liner ages ago but realised that I have not a review for it before, so here goes.

I'm not sure if you know this but Becca was in Singapore twice before, unfortunately they have pulled out. The first time, they had a duty-free counter at the Changi Airport Terminal 2 I think. If you wanted to buy Becca items, you could only do so if you were travelling. The second time round when Sephora opened in Singapore, Becca could be found there. But I think due to the lack luster customer response, they pulled out again.

I love Becca, it has quite a few gems. Their cream blushes (my review of Amaryllis Cream blush here) and cheek tints are quite good. They colours are always muted, neutral and natural. Check out the recent Fallen Angel Collection. Aren't the models lovely. I love the eye makeup especially.

I'm not sure why they didn't do well in Singapore. Perhaps it was the packaging or it could be the fact that their price points are higher that what customers would want to pay.

The Nude Liner 1.4g of product and costs USD$23 compare this with MAC's lip pencil which has 1.45g of product and costs USD$13.

(Taken from Becca website)

This convenient, dual-ended pencil can be used to plump and define lips and has a light skin toned beige colour on the one end, and a darker lip-toned shade on the other. With and ultra-soft formulation the slim pencil is easy to use and creates a natural, timeless look.

Creates the appearance of fuller looking lips

Prevents lip colour products from bleeding into fine lines around mouth

Creates natural looking lip definition

Helps lip colour stay on longer when used as a base underneath other lip colour products

Make-up Artist Tips:
Use the lighter side to lighten just outside the lip line to create fuller looking lips and help prevent lipstick from bleeding.
Use the neutral side to define the lip and as a base underneath lip tints, lip cremes, or lipsticks.

Colour Descriptions:
Nougat: Skin toned beige / rosy nude
Biscotti: Caramel beige / deep bronze nude
Fondant: Skin toned beige / pink nude

The one I own is called Nougat, the one on the left it is a rosey nude and on the right it is a skin tone beige. I tend to use the lighter shade to highlight my cupid's bow. I cannot use this to line the outside of my lip because the colour is just too light. I use the darker shade when I want nude lips, this creates a great base. I don't use this side too often because when I apply my nude lipstick over it, it makes me look washed out.

On the good side, I love how creamy it is. It doesn't drag on my lips.

It is not something I would buy again, the colours just don't suit me well. The price tag is also another put off. Another thing that irritates the hell out of me is the pencil caps. They are loose and fall all over the place. I can't bring this out.

Ratings: 1 lipstick


  1. Thanks for reviewing, Jacqueline!It's too bad the the caps don't work well considering that it's something you'd really tote around. :(

    wondrin if you use MAC makeups and if so, your foundie shade with em. would love to know just to make sure Nougat suits my skintone, too. thanks! :)

  2. Hi sweetie, thanks for your comments. I do use MAC, I'm a NC30 for your info. :)


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