Sunday, March 27, 2011

Offline for a while

You won't be seeing posts for a while. I'm recovering from pneumonia and to top if off have an ear infection on my left ear. I can't hear from it!

Anyway my lips are cracked and peeling, they look terrible. Way to make me feel even worse. Anyone out there have any ideas what I can put on them? My Rosebud Salve isn't cutting it.

Well adios for the time being until I get my health back. See you soon.


  1. argh pneumonia? how did you get it? It's warm outside! It's horrible when it goes to your ears too! I had this experience too....but dun wanna think about it....yuck >.<
    as for the cracked lips: drink tons of liquid, continue to use balms and let's hope the fever lessens soon. until it does, the cracking will stay.

    BTW, I didn't forget your question about the instant eyeshadow stuff. to make it short: stay away from these things! XD I don't know where the model for the eye shape and size come from, but for 80% of humans it's useless. It just won't fit. Application is easy, I was surprised it did stuck on my lids and in such a short time. And it's also very pigmented...however the color combinations are off too >.<

    Get well soon! *hugs*

  2. Hey Anna, well it started with a persistent cough next thing I know I was sent to the Accident and Emergency room at the hospital because I couldn't breathe. I cried like a baby when they stuck needles into me. What a baby right? Anyway it's better now but still coughing like crazy, I miss my son most. Hadn't seen him in almost two weeks because we are afraid he might catch what I have. Thus I feel miserable.

    Ha! Seen those online commercials of the eyeshadow thingy and it really looked like it was so amazing. Too bad it didn't work for you.

    Take care.


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