Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sponsored Lancome Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation Review

Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation is Lancome’s latest compact foundation offering. I was invited recently by a Lancome representative to give it a test. Lancome has 4 other compact foundations. Maqui Miracle is the compact foundation version of the widely popular Teint Miracle liquid foundation. Both make use of Aura-Inside™ technology to help you create perfect skin.

(Taken from Lancome’s press release)

Miracle Aura
• Inner light radiance
• Natural, shine free and brightening translucency

Miracle Touch
• Ultra-fine powders that adheres to skin for a poreless smooth finish
• Light and airy all day long

Miracle Protection
• Highest SPF35/PA+++ in a compact
• Mineral-based formula suitable for sensitive skin
• 12 hour long wearing

• Long lasting up to 12 hours
• Shine resist
• Poreless and smooth finish
• Improves skin clarity

Basically, it makes use of a Berry pink and Radiant blue pigment to enhance the skin’s radiance.

The Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation SGD$65 comes with the compact foundation and a dual sponge.

You have to buy the case at SGD$27 separately.

It has a space for you to snap your compact foundation into place. Easy peasy.

Viola! Oops! My compact foundation suffered a little accident!

The compact case is a classy white. I hope it will keep its pristine condition after much use. It is slim yet wide. It slips into my makeup pouch easily.I love the big mirror! It is so easy to apply makeup using it. I wonder why the spongy side of the case has holes, perhaps to air the sponge.

The porous side of the sponge is used to deposit the powder onto your face. The fluffy side is for you to smooth and polish your application.

Fluffy side

Porous side

I’m an NC30-35. I was matched with O-03 the second darkest shade. I’m concerned that it would be too light for me.

There are a total of 8 shades.

Light – O-01, BO-01 and PO-01
Medium – O-02 and PO-02
Dark – BO-02, O-03 and O-04.

O stands for Ochre, which is neutral toned. BO stands for Beige Ochre, which is warm toned, and PO stands for Pink Ochre, which is cool toned.

Sadly I don’t see any shades that would suit dark skin tones. Bummer! It is my pet peeve. Singapore is so multi-cultural. We have ladies of all skin tones; the foundation choices of darker skin tone ladies are limited. I wish that when beauty companies say that they select shades specially suited for Asian skin they realise that Singaporean skin tones tend to be a wider in range than our Chinese and Japanese counterparts.

O-03 is surprising suitable for my NC30-35 skin tone. I kept asking hubby whether I looked too white. He said I looked natural. I checked it out for myself; my jaw line matches my neck. Whew!

I’m not a compact foundation fan. I prefer liquid foundations because it gives me a more natural, polished finish and better coverage. The last time I used a compact foundation was when Prescriptives was still around!

The trick to applying compact foundation is, to remember, “Less is more”. Using the porous side of the sponge I swiped it over my nose region, both cheeks, forehead and jaw lines. Then using the silky side I smooth and blend the foundation out.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen ladies going at it with their compact foundations on MRT trains. I can’t help staring and wish I could tell these ladies to stop; they look like their foundation can crack anytime!

Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation gives me a poreless finish. The pores around my nose area seem to disappear. It is softly matt. It has a light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply, great for weekends. I love the easy and quick application. The powder is super soft and blends very easily.

I wore Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation for 10 hours to test its longwearing claims. I applied it at 9 a.m. constantly checking to see if my skin turned oily. By the way, I now have combination skin instead of oily skin so oiliness is no longer an issue for me. I took a nap with my makeup on, no makeup residue on my pillowcase. Just before I went out I touched up my makeup. I had a dance class so I was sweating. Although my face did not look like I had applied fresh makeup, it did not streak and it wasn’t oily. It still looked good and quite fresh. I am impressed by how long wearing it is. Ladies with oily skin will probably not find it not as longwearing. I only needed one touch up throughout the day, I don’t think you should touch up too many times because your foundation may look cakey. Always remember to blot first before you touch up.

It has the highest SPF in any of the Lancome compact foundation to date. You basically need about ¼ to 1/3 teaspoon of sunscreen for your entire face for adequate protection. (Information culled from Wiki). I also read an article on the Internet about whether SPF in cosmetics was adequate. I love Beauty With Brains blog by the way. This blog separates the truths from cosmetic mumbo jumbo. Well basically the article mentions that if you are staying indoors most of the time, using cosmetics with SPF is okay but if you are outdoors most of the time, best not to skip your sunscreen. It makes sense to me, unless you are piling on the foundation, I don’t see how it can provide adequate protection. So ladies, it you do run around outside the office please apply your sunscreen preferably with SPF 50 and above.

I will use this for casual days and when I want to save time on my makeup application. It is great for ladies who want fuss free makeup. Ladies if you have a colouring of over NC40 you may have trouble finding a good match. The initial investment of SGD$92 for both the foundation and the case is expensive. I wish the case didn’t cost so much. Provided you won’t stray to another foundation and if you are good at keeping your case in good condition you just need to pay SGD$65 for refills. A point to note, they don’t sell replacement sponges so please take care of your sponge. For hygiene purposes, it is good to wash them every week. Your sponge soaks up sebum every time you touch up. That sebum soaked sponge goes back onto your powder. That is a pimple disaster you can avoid.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks.

*Product was provided for by Lancome for review purposes.

If you want to know more about the Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation, these are the various ways:

1) A visit down to any Lancome Beauty Counter islandwide where one could get a 2-min Aura Bright flash foundation touch-up and shade matching of Maqui Miracle as of 17 Feb.

2) Check out the Lancome booklet in the March issue of Cleo, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar for more details which will be available at the newsstands as of 17 Feb.

3) The Lancome website, www.lancomesg.com will feature Maqui Miracle as of 17 Feb. Participants can get their complimentary Maqui Miracle trial size compact foundation by registering on the website and participating in the “My Miracle Foundation” online poll. Limited while stocks last.

4) Shoutouts on Facebook as of 21st Feb where they run weekly contests.


  1. Hello!!! I really really REALLY want to try this compact!!!! but I live in the States... do you think I could contact your Lancome representative and buy it from her at all??? please let me know =) Thanks!!

  2. Hey Frances, I'm not associated with Lancome but if you know your shade I would be happy to do a cp for you. I'm glad this post created a lemming! If you are interested leave me your email.

  3. Hey Jacqueline! I love your blog ^__^ And first, I wanted to say I hope you feel better and recover quickly from the pneumonia.

    I live in Hawaii, and I can't find anywhere online that sells this. Do you happen to know if it will become available in the states, or any sites carrying this product? I've seen so many good reviews and I really want to try it as well! :D

    Please let me know when ever you have time! Thank you!

  4. Hey Rhi, thanks so much for your well wishes. I'm not sure if it will be available in the states but you can contact lancome singapore at facebook to find out.


    Well if you can't wait to get your hands on it, if you are sure of your shade I get do a cp when I get better of course.

  5. I wasn't able to find a contact link on their facebook and their site only accepts questions/comments w/ local address but I sent an inquiry to the Lancome US. Hopefully they get back to me soon. Thank you!!

    And I was wondering what cp means? Sorry, I don't know the online abbreviations very well. >___<

  6. Hey Rhi I will send a enquiry through the Lancome Singapore Facebook for you. Hopefully I will get a reply.

    A cp means a custom purchase, if you are very sure of the shade I could buy it for you and send it to you.

  7. Ahh, I see. That's so nice of you to offer. ^____^ Hopefully Lancome emails me back soon, but if I don't get any reply from them in a few weeks I may just have to take you up on that offer. :D

    Thanks again, I'll keep in touch!
    - Rhi

  8. Hey Rhi, I also sent an email to the Lancome rep who sponsored my Lancome items. I hope she replies. Will let you know.


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