Saturday, February 12, 2011

Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

If you use makeup brushes, it is very important that you wash them regularly. Clean brushes help in makeup application and ensures that your face remains pimple free. I normally give all my brushes a good washing every two weeks but in between that I use a spray to clean my brushes immediately after each use. My go to brush cleaner is MAC's Brush Cleanser.

MAC Brush Cleanser is an effective product. I love giving my brushes a spray to keep it squeaky clean. MAC does a great job. I have tried Make Up Forever's Purifying Brush Cleanser but found that it couldn't clean as effectively as MAC's. I have only one tiny little complain about MAC. When I mix it with water and give my brushes a good soak, it always leave my brushes with a funky smell. No matter how much soap I use afterwards on my brush. So I decided to give Clinique's Brush Cleanser a try. I bought mine online from Nordstrom, Clinique in Singapore is much more expensive so when I get the chance to order online (which is quite regularly) I stock up on my favourite American brands.

Clinique's Makeup Brush Cleanser goes for USD$13 for 236 ml. MAC goes for USD$12 for 235 ml.

Clinique's cleanser can't be sprayed onto your brushes and cleaned. It is more like a soap solution which you rub into the brush and then rinse off. My brushes come out clean and they smell better too. I have been using Clinique for my face brushes which I individually spray, rub and then rinse. I don't use them on my eye brushes, I feel that there is too much of a product wastage. I rather prepare my MAC and water solution and soak my eye brushes for a while before rinsing.

As a more user friendly and multi purpose product I think MAC wins hands down. I love that I can spray this onto my brushes and they are immediately clean and ready for use. Clinique is especially great for your big brushes which must be thoroughly cleaned with an added bonus that it smells nice too.

Ratings: (MAC) 4 lipsticks (Clinique) 3 lipsticks

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