Friday, January 7, 2011

Shu Uemura Morphorium Collection

This is the latest Shu Uemura collection for spring. Its called Morphorium. I'm not sure what it means though. I googled it and nothing came out.

I saw this picture and I was like wow! I am in love with the purple and blue on her eyes. It looks so pretty.

This collection features two palettes.

The Morphorium Blue palette which is so so pretty and the Sunset Gold palette. I don't see the accent lashes featured in this look on the website though.

Would you dare to wear this look out?


  1. Indeed pretty! But I'm sure the blue would look horrible on me, while the, that I'd wear to work!^^

  2. You could use the blue as a liner instead. You never know until you try it.

  3. hi! it's me again...can I just check with you, did you buy your Makeupforever HD blush from Sephora Amazon? Are there any other websites that you can purchase them from?

  4. Hey Yana, I have only bought MUFE items from Sephora Amazon, sorry I can't be of help.


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