Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Nordstrom haul has finally arrived.

The reason I have been so quiet is, I am waiting very patiently for my Nordstom haul to arrive. Until it came, I swore to myself not to buy any makeup items. Well, I finally collected my package from my mom last night and I was very excited. I wanted to see the Chanel items I bought.

You must be asking why would I buy from Nordstrom, is Chanel much cheaper online than in Singapore? Not much actually, I saved only a few dollars for each item. Its just that I couldn't wait for the Spring Collection to arrive into Singapore and I wanted to make sure I get my hands on the new eye palette. In order to get free shipping, I also bought some other items I wanted. I'm sure the MAC I bought for cheaper. I'm not sure about the Bvlgari lotion, I did not try to find it in the local shops.

So this is a breakdown of what I bought. Bvlgari's body lotion in au the blanc. I fell with the scent last year while staying at the Fullerton. They had the whole range of toiletries by Bvlgari, DH and I love the scent. I'm not a perfume person but I do love my scented lotions. This goes for USD$49, SGD $63.

MAC Fix+ great for freshening up the face just before you apply your makeup and during the day. USD$19, SGD$24.50.

Ah..... my Chanel Spring 2011 haul. I bought Coquette Rouge Allure, USD$30, SGD$38.60. SGD$44 at local counters. Joue Contraste blush in Espiegle, USD$42, SGD$54.10. SGD$63 at local counters. And the piece de resistance the Ombres Perlees De Chanel quint for USD$65, SGD$83.70. SGD$95 at local counters.

I love ordering from Nordstrom because they give some amazing freebies.

I paid SGD$28 for shipping. I am a very happy lady right now. Can't wait to dig into my Chanel items and use them. Reviews and swatches soon!


  1. You know if you order the items from a sales associate in store, they can waive the shipping.

  2. Hi Anon, I live in Singapore, is it still possible to do that. Unfortunately I don't know any sales associate from Nordstrom. Thanks for the tip though.

  3. Hey i live in Singapore too. What method of shipping do you use? $28 is really cheap! Im considering vpost but its really pricey!

  4. Hi Anonymous, :) I have been using vpost all this while, I feel that they are the most reliable.

  5. hi, how long did you wait for the nordstrom parcel to arrive?

    1. Hi there, it usually takes me between 2 to 3 weeks.

    2. buying from Nordstrom do u need to pay extra charges upon arrival?

    3. No you don't unless you order more than SGD $400, then you will be charged.


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