Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chanel Ombres Perlees De Chanel Spring collection 2011

(Picture taken from Chanel website)

The new Chanel eye palette is, I think something very different from the rest of the collection. It has a different formulation as compared to the normal Chanel eye quads. I have not tried the duos nor the singles before so I can't comment on its quality.

It was quite hard for me to decide between the Regard Perle quad and the quint. I love both shade combinations but eventually I decided that I wanted this more because it looked more wearable on me.

The quint comes in a soft plush velvet pouch to help get rid of those pesky fingerprints left on the luxe black casing. Interesting enough this is made in Japan, I assumed it would be made in France. It comes with two sponge applicators and a little brush applicator. There is also a plastic thingamagig that covers the eyeshadows and helps protect the eyeshadows.

It contains 5 soft shades with a pearl finish. It looks quite different in different lighting so I took some under bright sunlight and indoors. I turned it this way and that to try capture the shine.

It is soft to the touch. Not really very creamy but not hard as well. It is softly pigmented especially the champagne and pink shades. It takes a few swipes for the colour to appear on my lids. The darker shades were a tad more pigmented. I find that using the sponge applicators works well for me. The swatches below were swatched dry. Couldn't bear to do wet swatches though. Sorry! Anyway I did try them wet on my lids. The colours stood out and were a lot more pigmented. These had great staying power with no fall out at all.

All in all, I love this palette. Very in line with spring, full of soft colours that complement each other. It seems to me like it is a cool palette but I'm still able to make the colours work for my skintone. My favourite shades are the plum and green grey shade. If you are into strong colours, this may not be a palette for you.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

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