Monday, January 17, 2011

Chanel Joues Constraste blush Espiegle Spring 2011 Collection

I definitely have way too many peach blushes but I just couldn't resist Espiegle. Chanel Joues Contraste is by far my favourite blush. I love everything about it. The lovely rose scent, the fine milled texture and how it sinks into my skin and creates a fail proof flush on my cheeks. I will never stray from Joues Contraste unless I can find a colour that Chanel has not created. I have forsaken all the rest of my powder blushes for Chanel.

I saw the swatches for Espiegle and had to have it. It is different enough from Reflex for me to justify buying it. Whereas Reflex is a shimmery deeper peach coral. Espiegle is a light peachy shade very much befitting of spring.

Under bright sunlight
When I opened it, I was like ah............. gorgeous. All that peachy shimmery goodness. The shimmer isn't obvious at all. Like most Joues Contraste, it is perfect for oily skinned ladies. It does not emphasize your open pores. I think this blush would look beautiful for light to medium skin tones but will probably not show up on darker tones. I swept the Chanel blush on my cheeks a few times for the colour to show up. From then on it stayed put until I took it off.

Left to right: Espiegle and Reflex

I'll do a comparison of all the peach blushes I have for you to have an idea of how Espiegle compares with the rest. Soon. :)

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. I agree! Espiegle is a gorgeous peach blush from Chanel. The one thing I love most about their blushes is how well it stays throughout the day. I usually never have to touch up. Great review and swatches.

  2. Thanks Kristie, I am using Espiegle everyday! Love love it, yup I don't every have to touch up but I still do just to get that lovely rose scent! I'm addicted.

  3. Hi again :) yes please do the comparisons soon! x Rena


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