Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Urban Decay Groupie Lash Review

Urban Decay's Urban Lashes are cheaper than Shu Uemura's. They come in really fantastic variations for that girl's night out. They cost USD$15, SGD $26.

They aren't as comfortable or flexible as Ardell's Invisible Band lashes (they are my favourite for everyday use) but they are much better than Shu Uemura. By the way, the lashes are made out of synthetic material.

These lashes have a stiffer band as compared to Ardell's so placement of lashes especially the ends can be an issue. I try bending them and wriggling them to get them to be more flexible. I put more glue on the ends to make sure they don't stick out as well.  Stiff bands are harder to conform to your eye shape.

I definitely feel them once they are on. These are by no means weightless. But they are still quite comfortable to wear for a few hours but not for a really long time.

I love the purple ends even though it isn't very obvious.

Curse my hooded eyes. I did a soft smokey look but obviously it can't be seen.

I applied MAC Shroom eyeshadow all over my lids up to the brows, then used my new Sephora eyeliner in Deep Back as a base. I applied the black shadow from Dior's Five Golds quad on top and blended upwards and tapped the silver shadow above it. Finally I topped it off with MAC's Penultimate Liner.

: 3+ lipsticks

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