Saturday, December 11, 2010

My trip to Perth

I really haven't had the time to write, so I won't be doing a day to day. Just as and when I have time I guess.

I spent a bomb at Changi DFS. I kinda went crazy.

I decided to buy the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum and the eye cream instead of Lancome's Genifique because I had a great experience with Advance Night Repair before. I bought Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks set for my mom. Hiding behind the Estee items are my Chanel items. I found Pink Explosion Joues Contraste blush, Confidence Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss and the facial sunblock. (I can't remember what it is called!) I was given a $50 voucher so I decided to buy Shu Uemura's base to try out. Will let you ladies know how I find it.

Ramblings about my trip. 

I hate night flights! My DS has a knack of kicking me when he sleeps. It was so hard to sleep. It was a relief to finally get to the apartment. The apartment is so beautiful! Big and spacious with a great view of the ocean.

Cottesloe was chilly on the first day especially when the wind blows. It feels like being in a large air-conditioned room. There are great places for children to run about and play, perfect for DS.

The long stretch of beach is breath taking. So different from Singapore.

We visited the usual places, Caversham Widlife Park on Friday and today, we visited Fremantle.

 The water is cold! But what a refreshing dip it is.

Anyway, my supposed waterproof Olympus camera drowned. My camera died so no more pictures. Sigh.


  1. your trip sounds like so much fun!

    a little off topic, but have you ever tried the Shu Uemura face architect foundation? I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out my shade in the foundation (:-/ stinks that all i have to go by are product swatches on the Shu USA website... which are always deceiving!). I *think* we're about the same mac shade :)

  2. Hi olivebeauty, I am having a great holiday at the moment! I have not tried Shu foundations before so am no help to you. Have you tried Karlasugar's arm swatches, they are quite useful. I agree that websites have the worse swatches. Try googling the foundation matrix set up by Temptalia, they are quite accurate too.


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