Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm going on a trip!

I'm so excited! DH, DS and I will be heading down to Perth next week for a week long vacation. It isn't the first time I've been there but for DS it will be his first time. I can' wait.

Taken by by Ralph Telford

We rented an apartment at Cottlesloe Beach and will be spending all our time there.

It will be an easy going carefree trip so in fact I don't need much makeup, only lots of sunblock. But the makeup addict that I am, has the urge to bring as many things as possible just in case. I'm hopeless. Most of the time I barely use half of what I bring.

This time round, I'm trying to be as sensible as I can.

Face products

I don't think I will need full coverage foundation unless we go out for dinners so I'm relying on my GA Face Fabric that is oil free and keeps me matt the entire day. I will need a concealor though for my unslightly dark eye circles and redness. I did pump out some of my favourite GA foundation and primer just in case we go out for dinners. My Guerlian meteorites will be my loose power and my GA pressed powder to take away the oiliness. Finally a touch of gold highlighter just because I'm vain.

Cheek products

I wanted to tote all my new Chanel JC blushes. But resisted. I'm taking Tea Rose and Rose Petale with me. My multi-tasking Nars Orgasm and Laguna, YSL blush in Peach and my favourite long wearing MUFE HD blushes in Star Struck and Nip Slip. I love these lens containers, I always keep them and dry them for use later. They make handy little containers so I don't have to carry too many things around. 

Eye products

I had a hard time with my eyeshadows, I just want to bring all. I had to sit and consider what I was going to use, I narrowed it down to these. All my MUFE aqua creams because they are long lasting and won't budge at all. My Dior Five Gold palette for evenings and my Summer Star palette for days. I can't help bringing my Shu palette along although I'm not sure if I will use it. My trusty UD primer Potion and Stila Kitten which makes a wonderful and simple wash of colour for my lids.

My favourite and more natural lashes plus the fuss free Ardell glue. My Stila cream liner and Kiss Me Herione liner (till I can find a better one!). Gold eyeliners in UD Eldarado and MAC's glittery gold eyeliner for a little pizzaz. My trusty brown pencil, my Maybelline mascara (love this!) and Shu eyelash curler.

Lip products

I know I went overboard with the lip products but I can't bear to leave any of these behind. I'm also thinking of how devasted I would be if anything were to happened to them on the trip. I'll be re-evaluating this stash and pairing it down.

What do you think? What are you must bring makeup items when you go on a trip?


  1. errr seeing all of these I'd say you're going for a month, not a week :) Why not just bring one eyepalette, or max 3 MUFE creams? They are good for many combinations. Base makeup is okay, but the blushes? OMG they are practically the same. The Nars one would be enough:brown and pink
    And the lippies! So many. If I were you, I'd take only the sample. No weight and 3 colors. Maybe 77 or 52 as extra to have even more different colors. Before you kill me for butting in, I just want to pinpoint that you said it's gonna be a week long, no makeup vacation, with possible go-outs, which won't be that often. No need to take heavy products that offer only one color choice. IMHO
    Argh, I'm so pesky, I know! Forgive me!
    You'll be home for Xmas?

  2. Anna you are right! After posting this and looking at the amount I have packed I knew I was excessive but just didn't know what to cut. Thanks for your advice. And no you're not butting in, you are my sensible angel.

  3. yay thank you! I was afraid I went overboard! >.< I'm glad I could help!


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