Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dior Holiday 2010 Five Golds Eyeshadow Quint Review

When I saw the Dior Holiday Colection for 2010, I knew I had to pick something up. The Minaudiere Collection was very pretty but I'm steering away from lip and eyeshadow palettes just because I hate it when my eye shadows get mixed up with lip palettes. As much as  I love the casing of the Minaudiere's I'm not excited by the colour offerings. I was however very interested in the Five Golds and Endless Shine quints. I have 3 of Dior's quints in Sky Glow, Earth Reflections and Summer Star. I love the buttery creamy pigmentation of Dior quints. Endless Shine quint looks subtle but the Five Golds quint swatches popping up everywhere in beauty blogs had me drooling at first sight. So festive and shimmery! So I decided that was the palette to have for this Christmas season.

I knew that the holiday collection was released at Tangs Orchard a week ago. I took my time to go get it partly because I did not have time to go downtown. I happened to be at Vivocity Tangs on Sunday so I made a quick stop while DH and DS were at Toys R Us. (By the way Lengends of the Guardian was a great great show, we had a hoot of a time!) I got the last piece! Apparently the SA told me that each counter only received 6 pieces. The Minaudieres were all sold out. I used my smart rebates from the Tangs Card and so managed to get my palette for $55. Usual price is $94. I checked the Nordstrom website, you can get it online for $70 plus.

Well the quint comes in a unsual black packaging. The usual box is a dark jewel blue colour. It has the cheapo velvet casing. As you can see, it attracts a seriou amount of dust. The one thing it is really useful for it to help you wipe of fingerprints from your palette.

The casing itself is different. It has a silver trimming. I is the same size as the normal quints with two very useful eyeshadow applicators. I find that if you want intense colour, sponge applicators help you achieve that look.

Onto serious matters! The quint consists of a very glittery warm white gold shade (bottom left), a dark metallic brownish copper (bottom right), a brighter gold toned copper (top right), a soft dark grey (top left) and a glittery silver (middle). I'm not sure how to use all five shades on my eyes but I've used a combination of the dark grey and silver for a smokey grey look and a combination of the warm colours for a neutral look.

Under sunlight

Although the above two colours are glittery, there is no fall out at all. I use these shades as a wash over the other colours to give it more oomph. They reflect light beautifully under the sun.

The two copper shades are so buttery and pigmented. What a joy to play with. The dark grey is less pigmented in my opinion for a softer smokey look instead of a harsh look.

I love this palette, it is versatile enough to use from day to night. It can be used in various combinations. Although I would say it is missing an all-over lid colour to pull the whole look together. No worries though, I use my trusty MAC Shroom to blend with. If it is the one palette that you want to treat yourself to this Christmas, Dior Five Golds is the one to get.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

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