Friday, November 5, 2010

De-stress Haul

I hate the end of the year! The work load increases by leaps and bounds and there is so much work to be done before I can go for a well deserved break.

When I get stressed, I also become broke. Buying things keeps me happy.

I ordered a few things online, fake lashes from Urban Decay and fake lashes from Madame Madeline. I also received my Victoria Secrets order. I'm very happy with that one, I bought yoga pants and tops for my Cardio Latino class and a bright blue bikini set.

Last but not least, my haul from Vivocity.

I finally was able to get my hands on these three babies. They were out of stock the last time round and I have been dreaming about them. Swatches and close up pictures soon.


  1. let those year end sales come soon! *_* and keep us happy =)

  2. Hey Anna! Long time no "see". Yup I'm waiting for the famous Cyber Monday, I will be stocking up pn my Kiehls products.


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