Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Exotic Swatches and Pictures

I am officially addicted to Rouge Allure Lipsticks. What is there not to like? The beautiful black lacquer casing, the click design, the wonderfully creamy, satiny and moisturising formula. I love everything about it. (You can read a more detailed review of the formula and packaging here)

Exotic Rouge Allure with Genie Extrait De Gloss on top

Exotic is what I would call a dark orange leaning more to coral. Great on olive skintones and I think medium skintones too. It isn't as bright as Chanel Rouge Coco's Sari Dore.

Sari Dore
It works so well with Genie Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss. The shine is amazing.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. oh even tho they are too orange for my liking, these two are indeed pretty colors!^^
    I swatched every single one of these Yesterday and wanted to buy at least half of them XDDD But I managed to stop myself from spending....I'm trying to save up a bit in case the stores might held bigger sales for Xmas XD

  2. :) I'm waiting for when I travel to Perth in December, duty free prices are unbelievable!


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