Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush Reflex Review

After my first Chanel's Joues Contrast powder blush, I knew I was in a deep fix. I am totally smitten with them and am developing a hoarder's instinct when it comes to them. I have Tea Rose. And I just want more.

I had a few shades I wanted to try. I wanted to get a brighter pink shade and a peach/coral shade. For pink shades I was deciding between Rose Petale and Pink Explosion. For peach/coral shades it was either Reflex or In Love.

I chose Reflex because II heard many good things about it. I was also worried that In Love might be a tad too dark for me and look too much like my other blushes.

One thing I notice straight away when I took out the blush from the packaging was the difference in the little black pouch that is used to protect the casing. It is softer and more lush than the one I have for Tea Rose, not that that matters a lot. They do attract a lot of dust so I'm keeping them in their boxes.  I bought these from Strawberrynet. They are about  the same price as in Singapore.

From the pan, the colour looks quite strong and shimmery. I was worried about the gold shimmer. I do not like too obvious shimmer on my cheeks because it makes them look oily. But once I applied it to my cheeks, I truly understand what the big fuss Joues Contraste is about. Although you are able to see the fine gold shimmer on my hand swatch, when applied to cheeks the shimmer isn't obvious instead it imparts a beautiful glow. Something I wished Benefit Coralista would have been for me. It is a very pretty coral shade. I have a feeling I will not be giving the rest of my coral blush love for quite a while.

With Joues Contraste you can never have a problem of having too much product on your cheeks, it applies sheer and can be build up to what you like. It lasts the whole day. It becomes part of your complexion instead of just sitting there on top of your cheeks.

To me even though Joues Contraste blush are very expensive, they are well worth the price you pay. If youare looking to give yourself a treat, hop down to the nearest Chanel counter and have a try.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. uh oh :D i see the beginnings of a veryyy expensive blush habit! lol, this is why i'm scared of going to a chanel/dior/guerlain counter. lovely blush!

  2. Sweetie, I'm a sucker for all things luxurious and decadent.

  3. hmm what's this "blush-whoring" all over bloggers? I truly don't understand it....*innocent eyes*
    hahahahahahaha well said above!
    But it's indeed a very pretty and healthy looking color! The only thing I don't like about Chanel blushes (beside the price) is the amount in the pan looks so small. at least to me >.<

  4. Anna dear no matter how big or small the product is I will never hit pan!


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