Monday, November 29, 2010

Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

A couple of posts ago, I was asking for recommendations for a waterproof eye liner. Thanks Carol! I went to hunt for Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner at Watsons at Takashimaya. I was not in luck, I could not find any. I think it was because they were very popular and was out of stock. I settled for Kiss Me Heroine eyeliner to try out. I paid SGD$18.90 for this.

I love the tip, very easy to use. It is stiff and glides on to my lids easily. It applies wet and takes a few seconds to dry. Much longer than my gel eye liners.

It takes about two layers to get a jet black finish. I have been applying it over my gel eye liners and by itself to see which method I like best. I decided that I like it on its own. It is definitely smudgeproof and performs so much better than all the well-known gel liners I own (MAC Fluidline, Stila Smudgepot, Clinique Brush On Cream Liner).

When I yawn, which is very often, I tear. The past few days, work has really been yawn inducing, the eyeliner did not smudge, disappear or migrate. Unfortunately, it didn't survive crying. I watched Harry Potter and shed a few tears over Dobby. Part of my liner disappeared.

It has to be removed with an oil based makeup remover. Maybelline's Total Clean is able to remove all traces of the eyeliner.

That's me wearing my eyeliner. Forgive the smudges, I'm a klutz.

I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this. I am still going to hunt for Dolly Wink just to see how they match up with each other. I'm glad I did not have to spend too much money finding a great eyeliner that works so well for me.

Edited to add:

Okay it has been about one week and I've been using this. Well unfortunately, this eyeliner has not been performing well after my initial experiments. Really strange but on two occasions it has smudged on me even without me tearing. Especially at the end of my cat eye flick. It is quite disappointing really. I'm trying to see if it has anything to do with my eye base or shadows. That is why I have bumped the ratings down by 1. Guess it is back to hunting for my eye liner.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Petale Review

I wanted a bright pink blush. Strawberrynet did not have Pink Explosion so I settled for Rose Petale after poring over online swatches.

When I opened it up to have a look, I thought it looked quite similar to my Tea Rose. So I went and did a picture of them both side by side. Rose Petale has more pink in it whereas Tea Rose is more of a rose beige. :< I still want Pink Explosion.

Nonetheless, Rose Petale is a beautiful shade.

Rose Petale on the left and Tea Rose on the right

My Joues Contraste blush collection swatch.
(L to R) Reflex, Rose Petale and Tea Rose

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush Reflex Review

After my first Chanel's Joues Contrast powder blush, I knew I was in a deep fix. I am totally smitten with them and am developing a hoarder's instinct when it comes to them. I have Tea Rose. And I just want more.

I had a few shades I wanted to try. I wanted to get a brighter pink shade and a peach/coral shade. For pink shades I was deciding between Rose Petale and Pink Explosion. For peach/coral shades it was either Reflex or In Love.

I chose Reflex because II heard many good things about it. I was also worried that In Love might be a tad too dark for me and look too much like my other blushes.

One thing I notice straight away when I took out the blush from the packaging was the difference in the little black pouch that is used to protect the casing. It is softer and more lush than the one I have for Tea Rose, not that that matters a lot. They do attract a lot of dust so I'm keeping them in their boxes.  I bought these from Strawberrynet. They are about  the same price as in Singapore.

From the pan, the colour looks quite strong and shimmery. I was worried about the gold shimmer. I do not like too obvious shimmer on my cheeks because it makes them look oily. But once I applied it to my cheeks, I truly understand what the big fuss Joues Contraste is about. Although you are able to see the fine gold shimmer on my hand swatch, when applied to cheeks the shimmer isn't obvious instead it imparts a beautiful glow. Something I wished Benefit Coralista would have been for me. It is a very pretty coral shade. I have a feeling I will not be giving the rest of my coral blush love for quite a while.

With Joues Contraste you can never have a problem of having too much product on your cheeks, it applies sheer and can be build up to what you like. It lasts the whole day. It becomes part of your complexion instead of just sitting there on top of your cheeks.

To me even though Joues Contraste blush are very expensive, they are well worth the price you pay. If youare looking to give yourself a treat, hop down to the nearest Chanel counter and have a try.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales on the net!

I'm very super excited. My favourite brands are having online sales starting from today and ending on Monday.

Giorgio Armani: 20% off orders of $75+ with code FRIENDS, expires 11/30.

Kiehl’s:  20% off with code FAMILY10, 11/26 thru 11/30.

Korres: 25% with code MUSE

Lancome:  20% off + free shipping with code HOLIDAY20, expires 11/29.

YSL: 20% off all orders with code FRIENDS, expires 11/30.

I'm making my lists and checking them twice!

I'm already adding stuff into shopping carts for Korres, Kiehl's and Lancome. How about you ladies? Will you be shopping for things?

Edited to add:

Confirmed that you can't order from Lancome unless you have a US credit card. I tried but couldn't submit my order. I am so disappointed!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Need Reccomendation for Waterproof Liquid Liner

These days my favourite makeup look is a neutral eye with a more obvious cat eye using black eyeliner and strong glossy lip colour. I use MAC Blacktrack Fluidliner but in order to get that fine precise line with a nice flick at the end I use MAC Style Black Penultimate Eye Liner over it. It gives a very precise liner because of its easy to handle nib. Unfortunately it doesn't stay past a few hours. It smudges all over the place! It is so frustrating!

Style Black Eye Liner at the bottom
I need help! Can anyone reccommend a good waterproof liquid eyeliner with a easy to handle nib for me? I do appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive Review

When I saw this at Madam Madeline's I had to try it. This cost USD$3.25.

(Taken from Madam Madeline's website)

Say goodbye to messy glue spills and waiting for glue to dry. The Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive goes on clear and stays clear for an unmistakably sheer appearance that will hold lashes securely in place all day. Can be used on strip and individual lashes without the commitment. The brush take the guesswork out of application making it precise, simple, and quick. ** NEW **

Convenient no mess applicator
LATEX-FREE formula goes clear and stays clear


I have been using the Duo eyelash glue. I like it except for the horrible smell. I usually put some on a cotton bud, wait for it to become slightly tacky before applying it on the fake eye lash. It goes on white but dries transparent. If you apply too much sometimes it takes longer to dry.

With this brush applicator, I don't need cotton buds anymore. I apply straight onto the fake eye lash. The first time I used it, I did not apply enough at the ends and during the day one end of my lash became loose. So irritating! So the next time, I used the same eye lash but used more glue. This glue dries fast. The one thing I didn't like was the slight tingly sensation when the glue touches my skin. It isn't very uncomfortable or stinging just tingly which goes away in a few seconds. Because I used the same pair of lashes, I realised that the glue dried on top of the previous glue leaving my lashes with an obvious shiny glaze. Very ugly! I also had a really hard time removing it.

Warning: Never peel the lashes off, I lost a number of my own natural lash because of it (I'm still mourning for their loss).

I used Maybelline's Total Clean Makeup remover for eyes and lips. I knew I would have a harder time removing my lashes so I soaked my cotton pads with a lot of remover. I still had a really hard time removing them.

I don't dare to use this again! I'm afraid I will lose more lahes! I'll stick to my Duo glue thank you very much!

Ratings: 0 lipsticks

Dior Holiday 2010 Five Golds Eyeshadow Quint Review

When I saw the Dior Holiday Colection for 2010, I knew I had to pick something up. The Minaudiere Collection was very pretty but I'm steering away from lip and eyeshadow palettes just because I hate it when my eye shadows get mixed up with lip palettes. As much as  I love the casing of the Minaudiere's I'm not excited by the colour offerings. I was however very interested in the Five Golds and Endless Shine quints. I have 3 of Dior's quints in Sky Glow, Earth Reflections and Summer Star. I love the buttery creamy pigmentation of Dior quints. Endless Shine quint looks subtle but the Five Golds quint swatches popping up everywhere in beauty blogs had me drooling at first sight. So festive and shimmery! So I decided that was the palette to have for this Christmas season.

I knew that the holiday collection was released at Tangs Orchard a week ago. I took my time to go get it partly because I did not have time to go downtown. I happened to be at Vivocity Tangs on Sunday so I made a quick stop while DH and DS were at Toys R Us. (By the way Lengends of the Guardian was a great great show, we had a hoot of a time!) I got the last piece! Apparently the SA told me that each counter only received 6 pieces. The Minaudieres were all sold out. I used my smart rebates from the Tangs Card and so managed to get my palette for $55. Usual price is $94. I checked the Nordstrom website, you can get it online for $70 plus.

Well the quint comes in a unsual black packaging. The usual box is a dark jewel blue colour. It has the cheapo velvet casing. As you can see, it attracts a seriou amount of dust. The one thing it is really useful for it to help you wipe of fingerprints from your palette.

The casing itself is different. It has a silver trimming. I is the same size as the normal quints with two very useful eyeshadow applicators. I find that if you want intense colour, sponge applicators help you achieve that look.

Onto serious matters! The quint consists of a very glittery warm white gold shade (bottom left), a dark metallic brownish copper (bottom right), a brighter gold toned copper (top right), a soft dark grey (top left) and a glittery silver (middle). I'm not sure how to use all five shades on my eyes but I've used a combination of the dark grey and silver for a smokey grey look and a combination of the warm colours for a neutral look.

Under sunlight

Although the above two colours are glittery, there is no fall out at all. I use these shades as a wash over the other colours to give it more oomph. They reflect light beautifully under the sun.

The two copper shades are so buttery and pigmented. What a joy to play with. The dark grey is less pigmented in my opinion for a softer smokey look instead of a harsh look.

I love this palette, it is versatile enough to use from day to night. It can be used in various combinations. Although I would say it is missing an all-over lid colour to pull the whole look together. No worries though, I use my trusty MAC Shroom to blend with. If it is the one palette that you want to treat yourself to this Christmas, Dior Five Golds is the one to get.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Urban Decay Lash Haul

Actually after posting the previous fake lash haul, I'm kinda embarrassed to show this one. Yes I have gone overboard. I have lashes to last me a lifetime! Urban Decay released quite a few lash styles recently. They ahve been online for quite some time ( a few months now) and they have finally arrived into Singapore. I would say Urban Lashes lean more towards to premium lashes without costing as much as Shu Uemura's. They have some really fancy ones and are reusable. They claim to be really easy to use, I'll need to try these out and give reviews after.

These come in a box like so with a transparent plastic casing.

There is a tiny I mean really tiny tube of glue attached. I have not used this yet so I'm not sure of the quality either.


Check out the pretty purple lashes!

 Well you know I always look out for good deals, I was so in lust over these that I didn't bother to wait for discounts. These cost USD$15 as compared to SGD$26 in Singapore.  I paid close to SGD$20 for shipping so only managed to save about $8 in total. I can't wait to put these on!!!