Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long awaited Tangs Haul

I've been waiting to visit the Chanel counter for ages. I finally had a chance on Friday. I went to pick up Insolente and Insolence. I also went to check out Phoenix and Exotic. I liked both shades and wanted to get them, unfortunately they were out of stock. Denied!!! It is so frustrating having your heart set on bring home somethings but not being able to. Anyway I turned my attention to getting a Joues Contraste blush and settled for Tea Rose. Swatches and detailed pics coming soon.



  1. Nice haul! Tempting to get the new lipglosses!

  2. Hey Tracy, the new lip glosses are really nice. I'm thinking of getting Geneial and Excess or Emoi on my next visit. I'll do a detailed review of Insolence lipgloss soon.


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