Sunday, October 17, 2010

John Little Finds

Lat Saturday after I dropped my DS for his Tien Hsia class, I popped over to John Little for a look see. I was looking for lashes to try out and picked these up.

Star Lashes cost $8.90 whereas the Darkness lashes cost $5.90.


As you can see I have used these already. I really love this pair. The lashes aren't overly long to be freakish/tranny looking. As compare with the Elise pair shown below. I couldn't wear the Elise set because they were just to long and unnatural looking. Darkness pair has a set of flexible bands which made application so easy. Definitely a pair that I would go back for.

More closeups.

The Star Lash set kinda look like the Shu Uemura Luxe Black lashes but a fraction of the cost. It comes with a small tube of glue as well.

These were just too special to resist. I'm curious to see how these look on my eyes.

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