Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Insolence Review

(Taken from the Chanel Website)

ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS offers the shine of a gloss and the colour intensity of a lipstick.

INTENSE LONG-LASTING COLOUR: The presence of very finely ground mother-of-pearl helps intensify colour and light reflection with no pearly effect.

PURE SHINE: The combination of a new-generation shiny polymer and a plant-based gelling agent patented by CHANEL* was selected for its unprecedented qualities, combining exceptional shine, comfort, softness and hold.

ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Shea butter and a canola oil derivative provide a sensation of well-being, while a Vitamin E derivative protects the lips.

Honestly, I had no intention of picking up any of the new Extrait Glosses. I'm much too in love with the Chanel lipsticks and Allure Lacques to think about wearing lipgloss on its own ever again. Then I opened up my Isolente Rouge Allure and Insolence Extrait Gloss sample to try out. Wow, the gloss amps up the lipstick and transforms it into something shiny and gorgeous.

The glosses cost $44. As much as the Rouge Allures! There is about 0.28 oz of product. Glossimers have about 0.19 oz of product. It is housed in a beautiful black lacquer container. It feels heavy and luxurious just ike all of Chanel's packaging. 

The applicator is different. It comes it a flexible/bendy spatula doe foot applicator. I don't see much of a difference bewteen this and the normal doe foot applicators though.


Insolence on its own is a milky bright pink. It is more opaque than most glosses but isn't so opaque that it doesn't allow your lip colour to show through. It is sticky but not as sticky as MAC lipglasses. They feel comfortable and does not slip and slide over lips. In my opinion, Extrait Glosses shouldn't be worn on its own because it would be just like normal lipgloss. It has to be paired with lipstick where it transforms the lipstick into a high shine colour. The SA applied Genial Extrait Gloss on top of Exotic Rouge Allure lipstick on me at the counter. I could'nt help admiring my lips throughout the evening. It looks so beautiful. I'm so getting them the next time I visit the counter.
My sorry excuse of a lip swatch, my apologies

Top: Insolence Extrait De Gloss
Bottom: Insolente Rouge Allure

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

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