Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allue Laque in Ming (Swatches and thoughts)

I got a chance to test drive Ming on Friday. I simply love the Rouge Allure Laque formulation. You can a more detailed review about it here. I wished they had more shade varieties. Ming and Santal are the more natural shades. Ming being more pink and Santal being more peach. Ming being more of a milky light pink leaning to a little brown. It looks amazing when swatched under sunlight. It has a gorgeous subtle gold shimmer that isn't obvious in normal lighting. It is a great nude pink shade for smokey eye looks.

Confidentelle on the left and Ming on the right

As much as I like the creamy opaque formula, I prefer Confidentelle because the satin finish gives it more dimension. Ming appears as a flat nude pink on me. I don't do too many smokey looks so I don't really need another nude pink lip colour.


  1. ooooh but it does look gorgeous! *.* but if you wouldn't wear it as much then it's a good thing you didn't buy the actual product! Is that an applicator in the test packaging? wow

  2. Yup the samples came with their own set of applicators. I love the little touches that Chanel adds to the whole thing. Anyway, I already have Confidentelle though not so similar, is used for my smokey looks.


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