Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Korres Guava Lipstick in Rose review

(Taken from Korres website)

Intense- pigment combines with guava extract, providing a long- lasting, creamy formula with a matte, yet silky finish.
• Guava extract, a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and maintains plump, youthful lips
• Proprietary blend of lip-nourishing actives smoothes fine lines and hydrates
• Carnauba wax, Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butter combine to provide intense pigment that lasts
As you know, I recently took advantage of the 30% discount at Korres US website to try out new items. I was interested in trying out the Guava lipsticks so I checked out a few of the beauty websites to look at swatches and reviews. Temptalia's wonderful beauty swatch and review of Rose made me order it.

It costs USD $22, but I paid USD$15.40 with the 30% discount, that works up to SGD $21.56.

Guava lipsticks come in a sleek and slim casing. It has about 0.06 oz of product as compared to the Mango butter lipsticks which have 0.12 oz of product.

Mine was a little soft. When I swatched mine, the tip of the lipstick kinda smooshed up.

I am attracted to the rose gold colour but it doesn't look as good on me as on Temptalia's lips. It glides on well and moisturises my lips without slipping and sliding all over my lips. However, as I have long working days, after two reapplications, it did not look as pretty as it was when I first applied. I think this happens to most full coverage lipsticks. Also make sure your lips are well scrubbed and smooth, no peeling lips, full coverage lipsticks will emphasize all your lip's imperfections.That is why I tend to stick to the glossy and sheerer varieties. It didn't last through a morning breakfast of a cheese sandwich and coffee but that is expected. I am glad though that it doesn't dry up my lips after a day's wear.

I swatched both the Guva lipstick in Rose (eft)and the Mango butter lipstick in Rose (right) for a comparison. I wish the Mango butter version and gold flecks too.

I didn't like Guava's  finish as much as the Mango butter's. Even though it is a great colour, it doesn't wear well on me. It was also more expensive and had less product that the Mango Butter lipsticks.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks


  1. I really liked your review and swatches! I have this shade too and even though I like the gold shimmer it has... I can't wear it on itself. So, I prefer to apply first my korres lipliner in natural shade(number 1) and then this lipstick (they are the perfect match for an everyday natural make up look. If you are interested on korres' natural pink shades you can keep an eye on my blog because Im going to post a "korres lipstick haul with many natural pink shades" .

  2. Thank you Nbeauty, I'll keep an eye out for your swatches. :)


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