Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chanel Lipliner in Natural Review

I bought this liner to pair with my new Chanel lippies. I asked Rina, the Chanel MA to choose a universal colour which I can pair with any lip colour, she chose Natural for me. 

This lip liner comes with a sharperner and a brush on one end of the lip liner. It costs SGD$32.

Under sunlight

The liner is creamy and indeed natural looking. It glides well and stays put even though I have lip balm over my lips. I have a darker spot on my lip which it covers well. I really love the lip brush attached. It is tapered at the ends, just nice for getting to the tricky corners of my lips.

Under sunlight

Left to right: Chanel's Natural, Becca's Nougat, Stila's No. 1, MAC's Subculture, MAC's Cremestick in Gingeroot, MAC's Spice and MAC's Dervish

Under sunlight

The pictures above are all the natural lip liners I own. Out of all, I reach for MAC's Subculture and now the Chanel lipliner most. I hate MAC's Cremestick because on my rather pigmented lips I don't see a thing. Although it looks great as an arm swatch, it doesn't glide smoothly onto lips. It is not creamy either so boo! I use Becca's Nougat which is a dual ended lip liner for nude lips.

The Chanel Natural lipliner is a great lipliner with a universal colour. If it is a splurge you want to make, this would be it. You are paying for the additional lip brush and sharperner for $32. But I don't see myself getting more because I don't need so many sharperners or brushes.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

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