Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutrion Lip Care Review

(Taken from Chanel website)

Upon application, and at any time of the day, this exquisitely soft lip balm soothes dry and damaged lips.

At the heart of its formula is the exclusive active ingredient, Ceratonia PFA*, which boosts the dynamics of skin hydration at the very heart of cells to maintain an optimal level of moisture.

Essential fatty acids in the formula provide immediate nourishing action.

These are complemented by a cottonseed oil extract, with long-lasting action to repair the lips.

Softer, smoothed and nourished, the lips look perfectly plumped, with a satiny finish – and utterly desirable.

I told Rina the MA from Chanel than I sometimes suffer from peeling lips after a day of wearing lipstick. If my lipstick or gloss isn't moisturising enough, they look really awful when I reapply. I have been using my trusty Rosebud Lip Salve to prep my lips for ages. It does a great job keeping my lips soft and supple but if I were to apply lip gloss or lipstick over it, my lip product tends to slide and slip all over the place. It also looks kinda oily. My lip products doesn't stay long at all either. So to counter that problem, I wiped off my lip balm before applying lip products. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of applying  a lip balm before lip makeup?

So while Rina was trying on the different Chanel lipsticks on me, she applied small amounts of the Hydramax lip balm on me to show me how my lipstick would look over it. I was pleasantly surprised that Rina offered to apply the different lipsticks on me, most SA would just let me swatch them on my hands and leave it as that. I was worried that after putting on and taking off the different lip colours, my lips would redden and not be as smooth. In between applications, she applied Hydramax. It felt comfortable without interferring with the lipstick so I decided to buy a bottle to try out for myself.

It is an expensive splurge. It cost me SGD$55. I'm definitely making sure this lasts a long time for me.

I was given a small spatula which I scoop out a very small amount of product. I use a lip brush to smooth it over my lips before applying my lipstick. I still use my Rosebud lip salve at home and before I go to bed. I'm going to scoop some in a plastic container and bring it along in my makeup pouch for touch ups.

I have been using it everyday just before I apply my lipstick. I really like how it hydrates my lips. At the end of the day, my lips are still supple and soft. My lipstick doesn't slide and slip like before either. I'm sure that is a cheaper alternative out there. But if you are looking to pamper yourself, Hydramax is a great lip balm to use.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

Something else I learned from Rina, you should always remove your lipstick with a makeup remover of some sorts to prevent lip pigmentation. I tend to get lazy at times. I put on lip products when I go out all the time, even if it is to the grocery store. I put on lip products when I'm going home from the gym. When I come back home, I forget to remove it. Big no no. If you do this long enough, your lips will have pigmentation. So remember to remove your lip products!


  1. This lip balm sounds really good! But S$55! Will have to think about it first. I used to put lip balm before applying lipstick too but I had the same lipcolor-sliding problem as you. Then I started using Majolica Marjoca's Honey Pump Lip Essence (S$12.90 I think), and since then I don't need a lip balm to moisturize my lips before application of lipcolors anymore! Maybe you can give it a try =D

  2. Hey ashura, I'm a sucker for luxury skincare and makecare! The Honey Pump Lip Essence sounds really good, I will definitely put that on my list to try! Thanks girl!

  3. Yup actually I love luxury skincare and makeup! How do you find Chanel's anti-ageing skincare range?

  4. actually I'm more of a Kiehls and Korres fan for skincare. I have only bought the sunscreen and lip care from chanel. So far both products have performed well for me.


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