Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunscreen Face Off

My Chanel Precision UV Essentiel has been my HG sunscreen for the past few years. I have gone through at least 4 bottles of these. I love it because of its high spf. It is in a liquid form that blends well into the skin. It doesn't give me a whitish cast. I use this everytime I put on my makeup because it doesn't affect makeup application. It controls oil well. The best part, I use only about two drops and it covers my entire face. The fact that it costs about SGD $70 means that I am on a lookout for something cheaper and just as effective.

My Chanel sunscreen was almost finishing so I decided to give Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defence a try. I don't quite remember but I think I paid about $45 for it.

Kiehl's (above) comes out as a cream.

Chanel (above) is a liquid.

Chanel (below) and Kiehl's (above). Honestly, the consistency is the only difference I could find. Both have the same high spf and have the same amount, 30 ml. I only need a small amount of Kiehls. It spreads and blends well into my skin. It absorbs quickly without a whitish cast. My makeup goes on well and there were no oil control issues. I really like this and have decided to switch to Kiehls permanently.



Ratings: 5+ lipsticks (I love the cheaper price point!)


  1. I've heard good stuff about the Kiehls sunscreen as well. Good to hear that it's comparable to Chanel!

  2. Hi Jacqueline, sorry for this unrelated comment. I've stumbled your blog upon my quest on Korres products :). May i know where did you buy all of Korres product online? Is it from their US website? Did they ship to Singapore as well? Thanks!

  3. Hey Mel, I do order my Korres products online from US. I have a vpost address so they sent it the us address then mail it to Singapore. Do order online, it is very expensive here in Singapore.

  4. Thanks Jacqueline for the reply! Yea, i'll be definitely ordering their products. It looks great from your reviews :)

  5. Sweetie, type MUSE to get a 30% discount. Offer till end of this month so be quick! Oh yes try the mango butter lipsticks and their new liquid lipsticks!


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