Sunday, August 1, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm by Colorstay in Lust Review

I am digging my MAC Full of Flame lipstain so much that it has made me lem for more lipstains. I love the look it gives. Well MAC lipstains are limited edition. So I was looking at some drugstore brands that are cheaper to experiment. During my haul I decided to pick one up just to experiment.

(Taken from the Revlon website)

-Kiss-proof color with soft shine
-Nourishing balm for supreme comfort
-Lipstain and balm in one convenient, dual-ended package
-Lipstain marker provides precise application
-Color does not smudge or streak
-Contains vitamin C for for anti-oxidant protection
-Creamy, lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on application
-Translucent balm provides instant moisture and soft shine
-Available in 10 lightweight shades

These are going for USD$8.99. I bought mine for USD$7.20. I'm not sure whether you can get these in Singapore though.

Sigh I don't know what possessed me to choose Lust but it is such an awful colour. Do not trust the color swatch in, so misleading. Can I just say how much I hate this colour. I don't know who can pull this colour off.

So on one side, you get the lip stain, on the other you get the lip balm. The packaging is kinda of silly. You can help nicking the lip balm when you try to cap it. And also the balm isn't that moisturising in the first place. Overall it was a total waste of money, perhaps a prettier color would have made be like the product more but I'm just totally put off by it.

Ratings: 0 lipsticks

Anyways, I giving this away. If you want to try and make it work for you, just leave me a comment. I hate wasting my money!


  1. oh! the swatches dont look good, im sorry its a waste of money, but at least you've warned a lot of people that the drugstore swatches are not reliable. and the product sucks hehe. :)

    i always see this in magazines and i was curious to try but never saw them in person thats why i havent bought one until now.

    thanks for the review!! :)

    ps. have you tried stila lip stains? :)

  2. awwww i'm sorry you don't like the produt . i hate wasting money too on products i will never use :)

  3. coffretgorge, if you mean the stila lip and cheek stains, yes I love them. I have Mango Crush and it is one of the best around, you can chek out my review here

    Hey Mimi, that is one reason why I stay away from drugstore brands. I have yet to find a drugstore product that truly amazes me except for the Maybelline gel eyeliners.

  4. I'm glad you reviewed this because I have been looking at these lately- there are definitely mixed reviews on them. The lip balm part looks weird. Anyways sorry it didn't work out :(

  5. Hey Abby Q, glad I saved you some money!

  6. not the best color, but im totally addicted to the revlon lipstains, they are great, i have all colours

  7. do you still have it? would like to try em can i? :)

  8. I'm so sorry I don't have them any more.


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