Monday, August 30, 2010

Modcloth Haul

I love buying clothes online, so much so that shopping locally has lost its fun. I can't find anything interesting to get in my local shopping malls!

I have been visiting Modcloth often to look at their dresses. I have bought one before but had to return it because the size didn't fit. I chose a medium. I hate returning clothes because I have to pay for postage which costs about $25. I must say though, Modcloth refunded me immediately upon receiving my returns.

I picked these two dresses. I paid about $10 for shipping.

USD$44.99. SGD $63. I bought a size S and it fits me perfectly! The colour is downright gorgeous and the cutting makes me look slim.

USD $64.99. SGD $91. I am still in my summer mood! I was a little disappointed with the fabric. It felt kinda flimsy as compared to the first dress. The colours are also more muted as compared to the picture. The size S fits me well and overall it is still a very cute dress though I don't feel that it is worth the price I paid.

Overall Modcloth is a reliable online shop, I love their unique dresses best. I wish prices were cheaper though. Their size charts aren't exactly the most reliable but if you happen to get your perfect fit, the dresses do not disappoint.

Ratings for Modcloth: 4 lipsticks


  1. Cool! I have been contemplating on buying something from them, but wasn't sure whether they are any good! thanks for the review =)

    ashura @

  2. Be sure to choose the right size though.

  3. What normal dress size are you? (Please excuse the forward question!) I'm just wondering, because I'm thinking of buying a dress, and I'm usually a 4-6 dress size.

  4. Hey Nina, do you mean us or UK sizes. I'm generally a size 2 to 4 for US and a Size 6 to 8 for UK. Hope it helps!


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