Friday, August 6, 2010

False Eyelash Haul!

I have recently fallen head over heels in love with false eye lashes after I finally mastered the technique of putting them on. Granted I'm still a novice and it is still a hit or miss for me. Since I'm still a novice, there isn't really much point in me buying expensive ones. I'm lazy, I throw them away after one use. (I don't know but after trying to wash them, my Ardell lashes just looks wonky and unkempt.) My window shopping past time these days is to pop into Sasa or Watson to spy on the fake eye lash offerings. I'm kinda put off by the Japenses ones because I really don't want to look like a Japanese doll. I just want longer and natural looking lashes.

At the moment, I really love Ardell's because of the soft and flexible invisible bands that make application easier.( I learned a trick that is to colour the invisible bands black with my liquid liner to make them look less obvious.)

The few Ardell lashes I have picked up looked really natural. You can buy Ardell's at Guardian Pharmacy's, John Little's and Watsons for SGD$8.95.

Well, while I was googling Ardell's, I came across this online store called Madam Madeline that sells Ardell's plus other brands. If you buy 4 pairs or more, they cost USD$2.60 a pair. That works up to SGD $3.80 a pair. Quite a savings right? Of course, I need to buy more than a few pairs to justify the cost of the shipping to Singapore. As you can see from the above picture, I went a little crazy. You should have seen my incredulous DH's face when he saw the amount that I bought. "How are you ever going to use them up?" "Eventually dear, eventually."

How much did I spend in total? I spent USD$41.63 (was given a USD$3.62 discount), I opted for international shipping which cost USD$14. So in total paid USD$55.63 or SGD $80.70 for 17 pairs of fake eye lashes. About SGD$4.75 a pair.

I will first give a quick review of the online shop. TheyMadam Madeline's has Ardell's, Ellise, Japonesque, Revlon, Sherani and Andrea. I'm not really versed with fake lashes so I don't know whether the others are good or not, I just target the Ardell lashes. They definitely have a wider range as compared to what I can find in Singapore. You can do custom orders where you can buy a variety Ardell lashes for USD$2.60 a pair. The store accepts paypal and my package took about 2 weeks to arrive. The box was well packed and compact as you can see in te above picture.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks (unless I can find an online store that sells Ardell's cheaper and with a better shipping price)

Well, on to the lashes shall we?

I bought 4 pairs of these 108s. These are the ones I fell in love with, at first application. For short asian lashes, these look natural and can be worn for day looks without you looking like a drag queen or japanese doll. They don't look obvious at all, you just look like you have long lashes.

The 109s give lashes a fuller look. They are longer than the 108s so putting these on will look obvious but still natural.

In my opinion because 110s have long and short lashes, they will give your eyes a dolly look. Great for nights out but may be too much for day wear.

I bought these for fun. They look fun for fancy dinners. The lashes are really long so I'm not sure whether I can pull these off.

I didn't want to spend too much on fake lashes so even though I was tempted to try Japonesque ones (about USD$7) I decided to try Elise lashes. They have some really fun ones e.g. with feathers and colors for about USD$2 to $3. As I am browsing through the selection now, I realise they added really fun ones! Argh! Why didn't they have them when I ordered!!!

Anyway, I bought these for experimenting.

#355 half baby lashes

#079 Graduated petite half baby lashes

#190 has glitter particles.


#191 has two pairs of half lashes.

Elise lash bands are black and feel stiffer than Ardell's. I have not tried them yet so will let you ladies know whether they are easy to apply or not.

Added: Well I wore the #191 out today. The thick black band made it quite obvious so I had to make sure I lined my upper eyelids super dark so the band would not stand out. The band was less flexible so I had to wiggle it around to get it to be more flexible. I couldn't get them to look the same, one was lower than the other. I find half lashes a little harder to apply than full ones. But I must say I love the look (the sassy flick at the end of the lashes are quite cute), natural too.
I just know I'm going to have lots of fun with them. :)

So dear readers, are you a fake eyelash lover? What is your go to brand? How were you initiated?


  1. great haul hun!!! i love ardell lashes too :D

  2. I'm hoping to love the Elise ones too!

  3. Awesome haul they look so pretty! Have you ever tried They have lashes for $1-3USD a pair- not sure if they ship int'l though...

  4. Hey Abby Q, have you tried their lashes, how are they? I just popped over to the website, they have an asian website but they cost SGD$6.90 a pair, what a mark up!


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