Friday, July 16, 2010

Make Up Forever Madness Continues!

I am on a MUFE roll lately. I really love their products. Especially the Aqua Creams, HD Blush and Aqua lip liners.

I went to Sephora last week to buy a Burt's Bees lip balm for a colleague of mine. I also wanted to check out Aqua Cream Number 19 (see Karlasugar's swatch of 19 here) because apparently US does not have this shade. I read somewhere that there are ingredients in No. 19 that aren't approved by US. I wanted to see if it was worth picking up. I swear I just went in Sephora to perhaps buy one item but knowing me and how excited I get. I ended up with not 1 aqua cream but 3! The nice MA at MUFE gave me a mini sample of their Smoky Lash mascara too.

So which Aqua Creams did I buy?

No. 19 (purple), No. 22 (green) and No. 5 (peach).

I had a hard time deciding whether to get aqua creams for blush. I already love the HD blushes so much, so I was intending to skip the blush aqua creams. I do know that many ladies are raving about No. 5 so I swatched it to have a look myself. The colour and finish is very different from the HD blush so I felt it was justifiable to buy it.

Well, swatches and close up porn soon!

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