Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make Up For Ever HD Blush Nip Slip Review

I love MUFE HD Blush (you can read about my reviews of them here and here, if I had struck the lottery, one of the things I would do is buy all the HD blushes available. Unfortunately, I have financial responsibilities. I will slowly but surely collect as many as I can ;>.

Well with all things I like and want to collect, I always choose the must haves first. My favourite blush colours fall in the pink or peach/coral spectrum. Nip Slip was a nice neutral pink, not too bright and not too pale for my NC30-35 skin tone.

These sell for SGD $55, they are going for only USD$25. It is a huge price difference. Please try to buy yours online.

I like the packaging. It is made of platic, small and durable, so it is easy to bring them around with you. The only rant I have is the pump mechanism. I always pump out way too much and it makes me angry because I'm wasting alot of precious stuff. The amount of product coming out isn't as much as GA's Fluid Sheers still if I am shelling out about SGD $37 for this, I want it to last.

I tried to give it a little squeeze, unfortunately I couldn't control my finger and a whole lot came out. This is way too much for one application.

They are so creamy and pigmented. When sheered out they look like this. (See below)

Isn't it the prettiest pink ever? I'm currently wearing this shade with my darker and brighter eye looks. I used to use my fingers to blend them onto my cheeks but lately I'm loving the finish I get when I buff it in using my blush brush. I love love this colour.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks.


  1. Oh dear! I don't like wasting product either. But I wonder if it's most cost effective if u pumped a few into a spare container? Yes, definitely better to get them online. What's the difference in quality versus GA cream blushes? By the way, I love your blog!! I got a few GA stuff after reading ur posts.

  2. Great post! I hate seeing product go to waste as well. Maybe pump a little into a separate jar?
    I love ur blog by the way!

  3. Tracy dear, I seem to have lost your comments. Well MUFE HD Blush are creamy whereas Fluid Sheers are more translucent and liquidy if that makes sense. Has your GA items arrived yet?

    Thanks so much for your compliments.

  4. I was struggling to post comments on my little iphone screen yesterday.
    I was checking out the MUFE blushes at Sephora today and oh my god, I think u've got me into a MUFE obsession now. I haven't ordered online yet. Trying to resist...

  5. :> You know you have to just try one HD blush to see what the fuss is about.

  6. LOL! Ur a bad and good influence! :)

  7. Tracy,

    if you like I can make you two samples if you don't mind them in contact lens containers. Email me at mjacqueline@hotmail.com

    I'm always happy to entice a fellow beauty addict.


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