Sunday, July 4, 2010

Make Up For Ever Haul Pictures

In fact my MUFE items arrived almost a week ago. School holidays were over and it is "crazy and chaotic" time again. I had no opportunity to take pictures of all my beautiful buys. I really wanted to keep my items in pristine condition to take pictures but it is really hard for me to not use them. :) So you will be seeing little smudges here and there. What can I say, I'm a woman with very little self restraint.

I decided to get my MUFE items from Sephora Amazon. The aqua creams were out and I had a list of colours I wanted to get my hands on. I also wanted to buy more cream blushes. I went to my local Sephora to do some swatching and testing and confirmed the colours I would buy. I spent a total of USD $150 for all my items. That comes up to be about SGD$217.50. That does not include shipping. It cost me about SGD$6.56 for weight charge and SGD$0.80 for fuel surcharge (I combined this package with other 3 others that I bought from other online merchants). So in total I spent SGD$224.86. If I had bought all my items from Singapore I would have sepnt SGD $312. I saved a good SGD$87.14. I'm currently patting myself on my back.

These aqua creams go for SGD$42 here in Singapore. They are priced at USD$22. What a huge difference! Anyway, I was torn between getting neutral colours that I would use everyday and the lovely brighter shades. I went the brighter shades because I had enough neutral eye shadows to last me 5 lifetimes I think. The brighter colours were hard to pass up because it is harder to get shadows that look so clean and bright. I chose Intense Blue, Turqoise and Gold.

Cream blush goes for SGD$55 each. They are priced at USD $25. For my cream blush, I already had two of the brighter blush shades. I wanted more neutral and light colours to match the bright eye shadows. I settled for Nip Slip (Neutral pink) and Star Struck (Light peach).

These go for SGD$38 each. They are priced at USD $17.  I am still on my bright lipstick phase, these two lipliners match my MAC Show Orchid and Morange to a T. I could also use them on its own and slip and glossy lipstick over them.

How am I loving my items so far? I'm loving almost every item I bought. Watch out for more product pictures and swatches. They are coming soon!


  1. OMG great MUFE haul babe! i'm definitely waiting for your swatches and photos on your new "babies"! :)

  2. I tell you once you see the Aqua Cream swatches, you will fall in love. They are that good!

  3. nice haul! U get them from Amazon? I'll consider it next time. :)

  4. Hey Tracy, if you intend to buy a few items, it is actually worth it buying online. Try combining your online purchases from other merchants, that way your shipping cost gets split up and it is more value for money.

  5. Hey! I returned!^^ How have you been? You have a new layout? I like it!

    mm wanna see the products! Haven't heared about Sephora Amazon....It's amazon, but sephora is the "seller"? hmmm These are pretty good prices!. Oh, no! You paid SGD, dammit! Then no chance for me HAHHAHHA
    Do review them soon! Wanna drool over the Aqua creams! =D

  6. Hey sweetie, long time no see! I paid in USD but had it converted. Stay tuned ,my aqua cream swatches will be out today!

  7. hihi, like to check with you, did you use VPOST shipping?

  8. Hey Geri, yes I do all the time in fact.


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