Monday, July 5, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Review

Many people have been raving about how good these were. I was drawn to the promise of waterproof and creaseproof claims and their beautiful colours. When I tested them out at my local Sephora, my initial thoughts were how creamy they felt and how vibrant the colours looked. I knew I had to try them out.

It was really difficult choosing colours. I basically liked all the colours. I decided to stay away from the blush colours as I was also buying MUFE's cream blushes. If you have read my previous post, as much as I wanted to try neutral colours like 1, 12, 14 and 15 (check out the entire swatch here at Karla Sugar) I know that I already have these colours. I really didn't need them. In fact even with the bright colours, I already have most of them. But since brighter colours can be harder to pull of, it makes sense that I would want colours that will stay vibrant throughout the day. So I settled for 11 (Gold), 20 (Intense Blue) and 21 (Turqoise). Minor rant ahead, I think I have said this time and time again, I hate it when makeup comes in numbers instead of names, it makes it hard to remember.

Aqua Creams come in a light and durable plastic pot. Do close the cap while you are applying your makeup. Since aqua creams have a creamy consistency, I have a feeling that if you left them out with the cap on, they will dry up and cause application to be more difficult. I like the plastic packaging because I am not afraid of it shattering should klutzy me decided to drop them on the floor. I have no problems sticking my fingers in the pot, I know some don't like it. I am more worried that they might dry out if the caps are closed properly.

For my first attempt at using it I chose to do a gold/blue look. Here is what Gold looks like. Gold was soft and creamy and glided on my lids and stayed put the whole day. It dries up fast so you should not take too long to blend it. I have read that if you used too much product, it might dry up, cake or crack. So I suggest thin layers which you can build on for intensity. This Gold is a metallic yellow gold leaning towards the darker side. It is a warm colour that can be paired with many colours.

I was a little unhappy when I swatched Intense Blue for the first time. The texture felts a little hard and didn't blend as well as Gold did. The surface had a slightly hard and waxy feel to it. Subsequent usage helped to remove that waxy layer and it is as creamy as the rest of the aqua creams now.

That is one pitfall in buying your products online. Some of your products may not be of the best quality or could be old stock or a dud and there is no way you can exchange it unless you want to spend extra money shipping the product back. My MUFE cream blush First Kiss happens to be slightly harder in consistency than the rest. I just have to grin and bear with it and find ways to get around it.

Intense Blue is a darker blue though not as dark as navy blues. I had hope that it would be brighter like MAC's Freshwater. I use Intense Blue as an eyeliner. It is very pretty.

Turqoise kinda looks similiar to Intense Blue doesn't it. If you have a tight budget I suggest getting Turqoise instead of Intense Blue cause it is such a bright and fun colour. I love turqoise shades, they bring out brown eyes.

Here is a comparison swatch of Intense Blue (top) and Turqoise (bottom) together.

Finally all three shades in a row.

So, should you buy these. A definite yes, if you have oily lids like mine, these are a heaven sent. I also tried to layer powder eye shadows on top of these, they make great bases and brighten the powder eyeshadows. But honestly, you don't need to layer them, these are perfect on its own. I wore them for two looks last week, a blue/gold look with UDPP Sin underneath and a gold/green/turqoise/blue look with UDPP Sin underneath. I work really long hours. I work 10 hour days and am not in an air conditioned place for half of that time. My eye makeup stayed fresh throughout. If you are only thinking of buying one or two, I guess buying from the local sephora is okay. But I hate shelling out $42 when I know that I can get it for about $32 online. I itch to get more. I'm thinking of trying 5 Peach, 22 Green and 10 Purple.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Lovely review! I'm a bit scared to order through amazon being a 3rd party agent. But will probably get the mufe staples after my exams in 2 weeks. Gotta treat myself to something right? :)

  2. Hey Tracy yes you should always treat yourself. This would be my second haul from Amazon Sephora, so far I have not encountered any problems.

    I'm curious to find out what are your mufe staples?

  3. Amazon is not an official retailer of the brand in the US, but Sephora is ( and for those lucky enough to be in NY, you might enjoy a visit to the boutique:

  4. oh wow they do look great! :) i waaant! :)

  5. Hey JC, thanks for the info. I think if I ever had the good fortune to visit the US, I would definitely be spending it in all the wonderful places selling makeup.

  6. aww they look sooooo awesome! Too bad these are the exact blues that make me look know, that yellow and gray unnatural cast #_#
    But the gold is awesome!

  7. So Anna, what are your favourite eye colours. Somehow I can't do greys very well.


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