Monday, July 12, 2010

Korres Vanilla Plum Body Butter Review

I love my Kiehl's Creme de corps very much. It absorbs quickly and leave my skin feeling soft but not sticky. Unfortunately, I love scents and it is not scented.

I have tried Korres' Quince Body Butter before. It takes some time for it to sink into my skin and it has a thicker consistency but I love how it smells and how my skin feels afterwards. I am not content to stick to Quince, I wanted to try a new scent.

Taken from Korres website


Scent: Sweet, Fruity
Feel: Warm, Indulgent
Smoothing and moisturizing cream for all over the body, ideal for dry elbows, heels and knees.
• Shea butter and Quince extract have softening, moisturizing and restructuring properties.
• Sunflower, Almond and Avocado oils nourish the skin, thus restoring its elasticity and smoothness.
• Contains Plum extract, Quince extract, Almond oil, Red Grape polyphenols.

I paid USD$15.75 after the 25% discount. Checking out the website, I realise that there is a drop in prices. It is currently selling for USD$18 without discount. I wonder why?

I like the pump system, it helps to get every bit of product out especially when you are almost finishing it up. Very frustrating to shake and try to dig out the remaining product. This pump helps me with that.  I love the smell too. It is spicy sweet and exotic. If you like light floral scents, this isn't for you though. It is about SGD$23 for 150 ml of product. Almost the same price as Kiehl's actually.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. ooh! I have the quince body butter but it's running out. I highly recommend the Korres Primer, it's really good stuff.

  2. I will have to finish my Giorgio Armani Fluid Master primer before tryingit out. Does it give a matt finish?


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