Saturday, July 10, 2010

Korres Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick Peach, Rose and Nude Review

(Taken from Korres website)

Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick with SPF10

Lightweight formula gives sheer hint of color with a glossy finish and sun protection

  • Mango butter keeps lips moist and hydrated

  • All-natural sun filters protect lips from the highly damaging rays of the sun

  • Candelila cera smoothes dry and chapped lips

  • Vitamin C and E protect lips from premature lines and aging

Korres Mango Butter lipsticks are great for summer. They give you sun protection. They are gentle on your lips and the colour selection though not great, has something for all skintones for a natural look.

I'm not going to repeat myself and tell you how much I love these guys. Check out my reviews of the other colours I bought here and here.

I bought these for USD$13.50.

I was looking to buy two colours, a colleague of mine enturusted me to choose two colours for her. With Karla Sugar's lovely swatches, I stared at them long and hard for a long time. Decided on some colours then changed my mine. I was pulling my hair out. :)

Well, I decided on Rose for the both of us.

I also picked Peach and Nude because honestly with such lovely swatches I couldn't decide.

Peach is so misleading! It isn't peach at all, more like a raspberry pink with subtle gold sparkles. So lovely. Now my dilemma is whether to keep Peach for myself or not. I decided to let my colleague choose.

Here are all the swatches together.

Left to right, Peach, Nude and Rose.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Here is a picture of me wearing Nude.


  1. i want to try korres stuff!! unfortunately we don't have it in the philippines :(

  2. Hey Mimi you get get them online from Korres USA much cheaper!

  3. does singapore's sephora has this..?
    is it drying your lip? or is it moisturizing?

    1. I don't think I see Korres at Sephora but you can find a stand alone Korres store at Ion and the linkway between City Hall and Suntec. They are very moisturizing and good for the lips but they are sheer. The lipsticks are highly marked up here I believe so if you are getting more I suggest ordering them online instead, you save more.


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