Monday, July 19, 2010 haul had a recent 20% sale so I thought I would pick up some staples and finally get my hands on some ecotools brushes.

I love Ardell lashes. I'm a fake lash newbie. Ardell is the only ones which I have sucessfully used. So I'm sticking to them. They cost SGD$8.95. I bought these at USD$2.80 a pair.

A backup when my Rosebud Salve finishes. USD$4.47.

Maybelline's mascara for USD$5.27. It looks different from the one I own though. Did I get the wrong one?

Okay, if you run or have blisters everytime you wear new shoes, you have to get Body Glide USD $10.40. It is a heaven sent. I apply this on areas where I know I will get blisters and it prevents them from ever appearing. Really good stuff. I bought the jumbo size because I apply this all over my chest area to prevent rashes from running. The Eucerine foot creme USD $4.80 is for my poor feet. All that running isn't very good for them.

I have been wanting to try these for ages. They sell them at Watsons at Ngee Ann City but I can't bring myself to go there. I know the prices are jacked up. These go for USD $7.19 each. They are going for SGD$15.90. which is actually quite alright so yup I should have bought them here instead.

Finally an impluse buy. A lipstain from Revlon. USD $7.19.

On hind sight, by adding shipping costs, the savings I made isn't that great that it justified me buying all these onlline. What can I say, I couldn't resist a sale and I was too lazy to go down to the stores to buy them.

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