Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ecotools Bamboo Blush 1201 and Powder Brush 1200 Review

I finally threw away my very old Body Shop powder brush. I was looking out for a good powder brush and I could use another blush brush for my cream blushes. I didn't want to spend too much on them and have heard how good Eco Tools was so I decided to give it a try. had a recent sale and I was able to get my powder and blush brush for 20% cheaper. They usually go for USD$8.99. I bought mine at USD$7.20, that is about SGD$10.42.

You can find Eco Tools in Singapore. Watsons sells Eco Tools exclusively and can be found at Watsons Ngee Ann City. I went over to check their prices and they sell for about $15.90. Unless you are hauling at and have picked out a few other items, it would be good to pick up some Eco Tools brushes but I don't suggest you just buy them on its own, it is not worth it because of the shipping costs.

These brushes are cheap and makes you feel good because you aren't harming too much of nature by buying them. The bristles are very soft and feel just lovely on the skin.

I wish the bristles on the blush brush was shorter though. This brush would be great for sheer powder blush application but not good for cream blush. It didn't pick up the cream blush well enough and caused wastage. I had to pump out more of my MUFE HD blush for application. It could not pick up my MUFE Aqua Cream blush because the bristles were too long and soft. But I was pleased when I used it with my Stila Mango Crush and GA Fluid Sheers. My conclusion is it is great for very liquid gel blushes but not for cream ones. Overall, it is still a great blush to have for softer application.

The powder brush was very good. I use it to set my liquid foundation. It does not interfere with the foundation as it is very soft. It picks up the powder well.

The handles are made of sturdy bamboo. Easy to grip. I won't suggest that you soak your brushes too long into brush cleaner liquid. It may eventually spoil the handle though.

(Taken from Paris Presents website)
EcoTools - 1200 BAMBOO Powder Brush

• Ideal for applying powder and setting makeup

• Soft, cruelty-free bristles
• Natural & recycled materials

This earth-friendly powder brush provides a smooth, soft finish and sets your makeup. And, it shows respect for the planet:

• Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
• Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
• Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.


• Glide brush across pressed or loose powder and tap off any excess.
• Evenly apply over entire face to create a smooth, soft finish.

EcoTools - 1201 BAMBOO Blush Brush

• Expertly tapered for easy highlighting and contouring of cheekbones
• Soft, cruelty-free hair
• Natural & recycled materials

This earth-friendly blush brush evenly applies color to brighten up your face. And, it shows respect for the planet:

• Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
• Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
• Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.


• Dip brush in blush and tap off any excess.
• Start with the brush at the highest point on the apples of the cheeks, then gradually stroke back toward hairline and slightly upward.

Overall, if you are on a beauty budget or a beginner, Eco Tools are a great way to start collecting your essential beauty tools. For seasoned makeup aficiandos, having a few extra brushes they don't cost heaven and earth is a godsend too. I know I appreciate being able to rotate my brushes.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Monday, July 19, 2010 haul had a recent 20% sale so I thought I would pick up some staples and finally get my hands on some ecotools brushes.

I love Ardell lashes. I'm a fake lash newbie. Ardell is the only ones which I have sucessfully used. So I'm sticking to them. They cost SGD$8.95. I bought these at USD$2.80 a pair.

A backup when my Rosebud Salve finishes. USD$4.47.

Maybelline's mascara for USD$5.27. It looks different from the one I own though. Did I get the wrong one?

Okay, if you run or have blisters everytime you wear new shoes, you have to get Body Glide USD $10.40. It is a heaven sent. I apply this on areas where I know I will get blisters and it prevents them from ever appearing. Really good stuff. I bought the jumbo size because I apply this all over my chest area to prevent rashes from running. The Eucerine foot creme USD $4.80 is for my poor feet. All that running isn't very good for them.

I have been wanting to try these for ages. They sell them at Watsons at Ngee Ann City but I can't bring myself to go there. I know the prices are jacked up. These go for USD $7.19 each. They are going for SGD$15.90. which is actually quite alright so yup I should have bought them here instead.

Finally an impluse buy. A lipstain from Revlon. USD $7.19.

On hind sight, by adding shipping costs, the savings I made isn't that great that it justified me buying all these onlline. What can I say, I couldn't resist a sale and I was too lazy to go down to the stores to buy them.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream No 5 Review

My Holy Grail cream blushes at the moment are MUFE HD Blush. I don't think any other brands can match them at the moment. When MUFE came out with aqua creams and there were a few in the range that were supposed to be for lips and cheeks, I kinda wondered why. They have already did wonders with their HD blush, if the aqua creams were similar what would be the point? And if they were different, how different were they to justify getting both types? No. 5 to No. 10 are meant for lips and cheeks, not for eyes. If you see Karlasugar's swatches here, you probably would be put off by how bright they look. In fact, I don't think I dare to attempt 7, 8, 9 and 10. Too bright.

I wanted to compare and try out for myself. But I didn't want to get a shade which I already own. And I must say I own way too many corals, peaches and pinks. I settled for No. 5, peach. Wait till you see it closeup, then you would probably understand why I had to have it.

It is a peach with gold shimmer. At first when I opened the lid, it kinda looked like a normal peach shade nothing truly special. But if you look closely, there are gold shimmers that kinda gives this colour an extra oomph. The surface texture looks like this because I dipped my blush brush into it.

The peach gold looks so lovely. Kinda like NARS orgasm don't you think? I am really sold by the gold himmer.

I have oily skin, so I have to be careful when I apply shimmery blush. They don't look nice on me because they emphasize my oily cheeks and open pores. I am glad to say that this did not give me any of such problems. It stayed fresh and matt except for the golden tones which helped highlight my cheek bones. I did not require any touch up at all the whole day.

My only little rant is that it is a tad hard to blend as compared to the HD blush. For HD blush I squeeze a little from the container, swirl my brush into it and apply on cheeks in a circular motion. Using a brush with this was more difficult. I had to swirl more and layer the blush on. I think using fingers might be better (your fingers will warm up the product a little making it easier to blend) but I have yet to try that out.

Again I did the smudge and water test on it, have a look. The one below was taken after I rubbed it vigorously.

Next, came the water test. Rubbing it under running water.

This is what it looked like, after vigourous rubbing, after rubbing it under running water and then drying it with tissue.

All I can say is that it is really tenacious. Nothing other than makeup remover will remove this. It will be great for ladies who want a little bullet proof makeup at the beach or at the gym (though I must ask why put makeup in the gym?)

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

I would love to give this a 5 if only it was easier to blend.

Finally, all my beautiful aqua creams together in their colourful glory.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make Up Forever Aqua Cream No. 19 and No. 22 Review

So here are the close ups and swatches of the aqua creams I bought for the eye. You can check out my other aqua cream swatches here. No. 19 is a very beauty purple/violet shade. It is not available in the US as it contains ingredients that aren't approved.

I would love for the purple to be a notch brighter but I still love it. I made this picture bigger in the hopes that you can see the subtle shimmer present. It looks really lovely when taken in sunlight. As you can see, the pot isn't pristine. I used it before I could take pictures of it. I did a purple and bronze combination with Urban Decay's Baked eye shadow. I really liked how that turned out. I also added Urban Decay's Ransom deluxe eyeshadow to brighten the purple more.

I am crazy over bright colours. So after swatching No.22 a couple of times, I decided to get it too. It is such a pretty grassy green. I bet it would look lovely as an eye liner. I can't wait to try it out.

So mMyy two colours side by side.

I did the smudge and water test with these two. The picture below is taken after vigorous rubbing.

The one taken below is after rubbing it under running water.

This is what it looks like when dried.

It pretty much stayed intact. These guys can only be removed throughly with a eye makeup remover. Remember though these dry up fast, so blend quickly and use light layers. I find using a brush for these more effective. Cover them tight and you may want to scoop of portions into tiny screwtop containers instead of dipping into the big container frequently to prevent your aqua cream from drying out. I still give these a 5 lipstick rating, I just wish that they were a smidgen creamier for even easier blending.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unloved makeup really really needs a new home part 4

After the previous makeup haulage, it is time to unclutter my makeup stash. There are things that I haven't been using but have been hoarding. I think they will be put to better use by someone else.

All my items are used . These guys don't have boxes, I have lost them.

My prices are in USD, they include shipping. I accept only paypal.

My feedback:

MUA id mjacqueline (71 tokens 100% positive)
Specktra net id mjacqueline Itrader rating 25 (I have not swapped there for quite some time though)

I have not been selling or swapping for some time now so all feedback are quite old.

MAC Pigments ($1.50 each, buy 5 and you can choose to get one for free)

Are they authentic? I hope so, the various ladies I bought them from said they were. Yes they have varying amounts, I can't make them all equal.

MAC Pigment Vials ($3 each) ALL SOLD

Benefit Coralista used ($12) I will wash the brush for you!

Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette used ($15) SOLD

Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye shadows ($5 each, $7 for the turqoise one)

Stila Mandarin Mist used ($4) SOLD

If you are interested in any of the items, just leave a comment and your email address so I can get back to you. Alternatively, you can email me at