Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Major Make Up Forever Haul coming soon

I have been quiet lately haven't I. Why so quiet you might ask? Well I have been planning a major MUFE haul for weeks. Ever since I heard about the Aqua Creams I have been telling myself, once Sephora Amazon has them I will buy some of them. I have been visting my list of items in my to buy cart again and again (I'm a horrible online shopaholic!) making sure I got all that I want.

Yesterday I went down to Ion Sephora to swatch the Aqua Creams and some of the HD Blushes just to check out the colours and texture. Wow they are pigmented and soft and creamy. I have decided on getting Turqoise, Gold and Intense Blue.

Turqoise #21

Intense Blue #20

Gold #11

I cannot resist getting more HD Blushes. So I bought Nip Slip and Star Struck. I found it difficult to look for the blushes to swatch at Sephora. I hate it when they use the number system to identify products. So much easier for me if they had names on them.

Nip Slip #5 (Neutral Pink)

Star Struck #14 (Pale Peach)

I also tried out their Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliners. I not sure why but lately I'm on a bright lip phase. I have been thinking of bright fuschia lips for summer. These are great, very pigmented. After swatches them, I tried to wash them off, they wouldn't come off. I had to use my makeup remover to wipe them off my hand.

Fuschia #16C

Bright Orange #17C

MUFE in Singapore is quite expensive. For example the HD Blush is going for SGD$55. If I bought it fromt the net it is about SGD$37. Shpping will probably cost me about SGD$20 so in order to make it worth the while I decided to get all my MUFE wishlist. (Que evil laugh.) I can't wait to get my hands on them.

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