Sunday, June 13, 2010

MAC To The Beach Bronze Body Oil Review

I love all things shimmery. I have been wanting a shimmery body product to apply on my arms and shoulders for that lovely glowy look. I definitely wasn't going to pass up on getting this.

Taken from the MAC website:

A shimmering body oil formulated to bring a sheer sheen and sexy gleam to skin. Soothing, naturally emollient. Its fusion of three botanical oils helps soften, smooth and moisturize skin. Limited edition.


You have to shake this up quite a bit to mix the solution inside. The initial few pumps produced just plain oil.

This is quite wet, so you have to rub this into your skin and wait for it to dry before you put on your clothes. Don't want this to stain your pretty clothes do you? Before I forget, do remember to give your body a through body scrub. You can't pull this off with flakey skin.

It leaves a residue on your palms so you have to wash this off. I'm not sure how moisturising it is but when I had dinner last night at Brewerkz I could see the golden sparkles on my skin. Very lovely. In daylight, my skin has a lovely sheen. I'm already quite tanned so I'm already kinda bronzed.

I'm not so sure about using this at the beach. I believe in total sun protection. I typically slather myself with SPF50 and up sunblock. I think applying this would be a total waste of time. Definitely for date nights where you want the extra glow and during the day to looked like a playful bronzed goddess.

I think I paid about SGD$42 for this. For that amount of money I expect this oil to really soften my skin and moisturise it as well. So it isn't truly something worth its value to me.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks.

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