Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ion Sephora Haul

Well I finally get a bit of a break on Monday to do my girlie things and pamper myself a bit. Dropped off my DS at mommy's place I did a little shopping. Even though the school holidays have started I have been working non-stop.

I was downtown to pick up some essentials. I dropped by Mango and bought myself a pretty sundress. I also wanted to make use of my MAC empties to get some free lipsticks. I had my heart set on Girl About Town and Hug Me but the MAC at Sephora was quite pathethic. Many of the colours were sold out. In the end I settled for Lustering. I also checked out the To the beach collection. I skipped the obvious To the beach highlight powder. What I got was Pink Rebel Lustre Drops (I have Sun Rush and I really love it mixed with my foundations) and To the beach body bronze body oil (I have always wanted to get a shimmery lotion to apply on my arms and shoulders).

I knew I had accumulated enough to get my $40 voucher. I was hoping to use it on MUFE but soon realised that I can only use it on certain brands. There wasn't anything else that caught my eye even though I was at the UD counter except for the Summer Love nail polish set. I had wanted to get this at the FF sale but I don't think nail polish was allowed for overseas shipping. Anyways I also bought Eco kids Daily conditioner for my DS.

Anyway I was so in love with the nail polish colours that it prompted me to go for my much needed manicure and pedicure. I had my regular nail lady try on some of the colours. They looked lovely although I wasn't very happy with my nail lady's skills at doing an inter french. I was too shy to ask her to redo. Sigh, I'm such a pushover at times.

Well that's my little shopping story. Pictures coming soon!

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