Friday, June 25, 2010

Giorgio Armani 20% Sale at website

Seeing this email promotion almost made me wish I had held out longer before I bought my Face Fabric foundation.

I wish I would be more excited by this but I basically have what I need from Giorgio Armani at the moment, no need to stock up on any items.

I have had people asking me whether I was sure that whatever I bought from the internet was safe. As in, are the products real and whether the products I bought were past their expiry date. Well I always get my stuff from the official websites or from reputable online stores so I'm not worried that I would be buying a fake. As for expiry dates, I'll be truthful I don't always check. I know, bad bad buyer! But I had never had problems with the products I buy.

Why do I buy from the net, savings of course! I love my makeup and skincare products. When I buy from the net I get value for money. I usually wait for discounts such as the one above to buy items on my lemming list, but sometimes I just can't wait.

So what are the must have GA items?

Well, products for the face of course. I really love GA foundations. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend their Lasting UV Silk foundation for medium to full coverage. If you have good skin and can afford light coverage, their Face Fabric is so so good.

Their eye shadows and blush are very soft and blend very well, the colours are often more muted and neutral. If you don't mind the price tag, they are nice to haves. I prefer MAC and Urban Decay shadows myself.

I also love their fluid sheers. The consistency and transaprency of these babies are to die for. I don't love the packaging though because it causes much wastage. You can see some of my fluid sheer swatches here.

So happy shopping! Let me know what is on your shopping list!


  1. Thanks so much for this post! After reading your review on Lasting Silk Foundation I wanted to purchase it but it was totally out of stock! So instead, I bought the face fabric in 03, which will hopefully be my shade.
    I'm really looking forward to receiving these things in the mail!

  2. Hey Tracy, thats the problem with these sales, the best sellers are oos so quickly. I hope you will love the face fabric. I just love receiving packages don't you. Let me know how you feel about the face fabric.

  3. Hi,
    after reading your reviews, I decided to purchase the GA Lasting Silk Foundation, but realised I need a US Credit Card to do so.

    Can you share how u go about with the online purchase? Have the same problem with Sephora too.

  4. Hey Linda, I was able to order the last time with a non US credit card. Oh no! I haven't ordered items recently so I had no idea. Where can I get my GA things then???


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