Saturday, May 8, 2010

Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil control Makeup Setting Spray Review

When Urban Decay released 4 new facial mists for summer I knew I had to try one out. I as torn between All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and the one I bought. Well its not like I club all the time, so I bought the more practical facial mist. This costs USD$29, with the FF discount I paid $20.30, SGD$29.40.

(Taken from Urban Decay website)

When the oil production of your face rivals a small OPEC nation, you need a mighty ally. De-Slick uses innovative oil control that both absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine. The problem-solving formula mists on, feels weightless, and sets makeup so it lasts ALL DAY. Its light dispersing particles deflect shine and deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours. Really.
De-Slick also contains powerful temperature control technology, which keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid, and dehydrating when its cold and windy. Simply mist on before, and again after, your beauty routine to prevent loss of color, melting, sliding, excess shine, fading eyeshadow and lip color disappearance. AND it’s formulated to resist moisture, so you can fearlessly sweat, cry, or get your Jacuzzi on... while your makeup remains looking just-applied.
This seemingly weird extra step suddenly becomes the one step you can’t do without. Backed by years of science, De-Slick is simply unlike any other product available.
And yes, its allergy tested, dermatologist tested, vegan, cruelty free, and free of oil, parabens, and fragrance.

Tips: • Shake it! Before use. • Sweep it! (In an “X” and “T” formation) Across face to evenly distribute mist over eyes, cheeks, lips. • Spray it! Holding bottle about 6-8” from face.

Fill Weight: 118 mL e 4.0 US fl oz.

This is actually produced by Skindinavia which specialises in makeup finishing mists. Check them out here. Prices for the same fill weight are the same but Skindinavia has more varieties of finishing mists. I think it is worth checking them out.

Well the bottle comes with a pump. For the initial use I had to pump quite a few times before product came out. I was worried that I was stuck with a faulty pump. I used this just before applying my foundation. Keeping it almost an arm's distance away I tilted my face upwards and sprayed the mist downwards. This way I catch all the mists and hopefully do not cause much wastage. After all makeup is applied I sprayed it once more. The mist is transparent and fine. It takes only a few seconds for eveything to dry up.

If you know about Singapore weather lately, it is sweltering. The humidity is the worst, there is no way your makeup stays on in this weather. I don't work in a air conditioned environment during the first half of the day. So I'm stuck somewhere in a room where the breeze is non-existence. I sweat tons! Sweat trickle down me. It is that horrible. For the next half of the day I run around in an air-conditioned place unfortunately the air-conditioners broke down yesterday. My god it was terrible! (There is a point to this story, hang in there with me!)

 I had my makeup on at 6.30 a.m. My work day lasted till 5 p.m. I sat down with my colleague and was looking into the mirror. I had no chance to fix my makeup the whole day, not even to blot and you know what? My makeup looked as good as new except for some eye smudging. I wasn't oily at all. My blush was still fresh! This thing works so well!!! At night I used it for a night out. I even skipped my loose powder step. Everything stayed put without any oiliness at all. Girls you have to go get this!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Hi, may I know how can I get this in Singapore?

  2. Hi there, you can get it from Sephora but I think it will definitely cost more than what I paid.


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