Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini drugstore haul

After finding a tool to help me put on fake lashes, I've been hunting for a decent pair of lashes that aren't overly dramatic and unnatural. I don't know why but the lashes at Sasa just look too much for me.

I popped over at John Little's at Jurong Point and picked up these lashes that looked more natural to me. I was also worried about removal. I don't want to harm my natural lashes so I got this.

I can't wait to test them out. John Little is a drugstore makeup heaven. There are so many cute and interesting bibs and bobs of makeup. They sold many versions of the lash applicator thingamajig. Ardell has a version that sells for about $5. There was another, couldn't remember the name that sold for $12.

I couldn't help myself and picked up a glittery nail polish.

Totally non-makeup related but I saw something that totally disgusted and shocked me. I saw a family of three, mom, little sister and big brother about 11 years old perhaps. Big brother and sister were probably having a mini spat like sometimes siblings do. Then mom goes and gives her son a big kick on his hips! Thats not the worst, son kicks mom and they literally had a kick fight going on in a departmental store. I just couldn't help myself but stare, What the hell! And we wonder how sometimes kids act like that, its because their parents arent good examples.

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