Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker Full of Flare Review

Yup I know I am quite far behind in catching up with my MAC collections. It was only a few days ago that I went to test out the Lip stain markers from the Art Supplies collection. I have been in love with lip stains ever I began using my Stila Mango Crush as both a cheek and lip stain. The effect was natural and oh so pretty. When I read not so good reviews about these Lipstain markers I thought I would give them a miss. Check out Temtalia's beautiful swatches and detailed review here. But then I was so drawn towards Stylesetter for its bright pink and Full of Flare for its pretty coral shade. I gave in and bought Full of Flare to give it a try. I would have gotten Stylesetter but it was out of stock.

It does look like a marker. It even has a felt tip pen applicator. It is stiff and helps to draw your lip shape. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to fill in the colour because of the stiff felt pen applicator. I rub it on my fingertip and then dab it on to my lips instead.

For some strange reason it is much easier to apply product to your lower lip than your upper lip. I think it is because when applying on lower lip, you are tipping the pen downwards allowing product to flow down. But when you point it up, it is difficult for the product to flow out. As a result my lower lip has more product than the upper one. It is really difficult to get an even application. You really need your fingers to apply.

You need to make sure your lips are well moisturised with lip balm and that you have removed all the flaky bits of skin before applying this. I apply a layer of Rosebud Salve before applying the Lipstain Marker. Using my finger tips I dab it onto my lips and finish of with YSL's Gloss Volupte in Iced Lychee. I really love the colour and how it looks on but let me tell you reapplication is a nightmare. After a few hours the stain disappears. You can't just reapply, you must make sure you have lip balm to soften your lips first. Even so, the lipstain dries my lips up and I have unslightly flaky bits that makes reapplication difficult and unflattering. I really love the colour but I just wished it was a better product. Stila's Mango Crush beats this hands down. It never dried my lips even though I applied it a few times throughout the day. Now I'm lemming the new Raspberry Crush instead to replace Stylesetter Lipstain Marker that thankfully got away from me.

Edited to add:

Okay this is how it looks on my lips. It is not a good picture but at least you know how it looks on.

Ratings: 1 lipstick

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