Friday, May 28, 2010

A Few makeup itmes that I would love to try

These are a few makeup products released lately that have caught my interest. I would really love to get my hands on the to try.

Stila's Raspberry Cheek and Lipstain

Make Up Forever Aqua Creams

I have read raves about these Aqua Creams. Their colours are just to die for. There are a few stand out colours for me. #21 Turquoise, #11 Gold, #20 Intense Blue and #18 Purple. They are already selling them in Sephora Singapore but they are going for SGD$45. It only sells for USD$22. I am just waiting for Amazon Sephora to release them so I can get my hands on them. In the meantime, I am studious avoiding Sephora so I wont get tempted. Chect out amazing swatches at Temtptalia here and here. Local blogger facesbysarah has great tempting swatches too.

Tell me what are you lemming today?

MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker Full of Flare Review

Yup I know I am quite far behind in catching up with my MAC collections. It was only a few days ago that I went to test out the Lip stain markers from the Art Supplies collection. I have been in love with lip stains ever I began using my Stila Mango Crush as both a cheek and lip stain. The effect was natural and oh so pretty. When I read not so good reviews about these Lipstain markers I thought I would give them a miss. Check out Temtalia's beautiful swatches and detailed review here. But then I was so drawn towards Stylesetter for its bright pink and Full of Flare for its pretty coral shade. I gave in and bought Full of Flare to give it a try. I would have gotten Stylesetter but it was out of stock.

It does look like a marker. It even has a felt tip pen applicator. It is stiff and helps to draw your lip shape. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to fill in the colour because of the stiff felt pen applicator. I rub it on my fingertip and then dab it on to my lips instead.

For some strange reason it is much easier to apply product to your lower lip than your upper lip. I think it is because when applying on lower lip, you are tipping the pen downwards allowing product to flow down. But when you point it up, it is difficult for the product to flow out. As a result my lower lip has more product than the upper one. It is really difficult to get an even application. You really need your fingers to apply.

You need to make sure your lips are well moisturised with lip balm and that you have removed all the flaky bits of skin before applying this. I apply a layer of Rosebud Salve before applying the Lipstain Marker. Using my finger tips I dab it onto my lips and finish of with YSL's Gloss Volupte in Iced Lychee. I really love the colour and how it looks on but let me tell you reapplication is a nightmare. After a few hours the stain disappears. You can't just reapply, you must make sure you have lip balm to soften your lips first. Even so, the lipstain dries my lips up and I have unslightly flaky bits that makes reapplication difficult and unflattering. I really love the colour but I just wished it was a better product. Stila's Mango Crush beats this hands down. It never dried my lips even though I applied it a few times throughout the day. Now I'm lemming the new Raspberry Crush instead to replace Stylesetter Lipstain Marker that thankfully got away from me.

Edited to add:

Okay this is how it looks on my lips. It is not a good picture but at least you know how it looks on.

Ratings: 1 lipstick

Friday, May 14, 2010

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Eldorado Review

By now you should know I adore UD eye pencils. They are indeed waterproof and smudgeproof. With the addition of my MUFE eye seal, I have managed to get the colours stay almost as fresh as when I put them on in the morning. (That is no mean feat!) I just wish I could collect all of them! UD produces some really stunning shades. You can check out my UD eye pencils here and here.

Eldorado is the gold pencil I have been looking for. It is a nice bright gold, the bright gold I wished Honey (another UD eye pencil) to be.

Eldorado on the far left. Honey in the middle and my Korres gold eye pencil on the right. Korres eye pencil is a nice light gold but pales in performance when compared with UD.

Strangely enough you can't find Honey on the UD website anymore.

I have been using UD pencils as shadows too. They blend well with powder eye shadows. UD pecils are versatile, look out for their sets, they make wonderful gifts for your gal friends.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box Pictures

I love these FF discounts, this is the time I stock up on gifts for friends. This is a gift for someone so unfortunaely no swatches but lots of picture porn.

I really like the graphics on the palette, really edgy. I like that it is also found inside.

Urban Decay palettes are one of the most effordable and useful. It comes packed with other essentials like the mini Primer Potion and the universal 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero. The colours are very pigmented and soft. You can never go wrong with a palette from UD. This costs USD$30, I bought it at USD$21, SGD$30.45. I can't help jumping with pleasure at the savings I made.

There is enough shades for a more neutral look but Mildew, Flash and Painkiller really adds a dash of colour. So what do you think?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil control Makeup Setting Spray Review

When Urban Decay released 4 new facial mists for summer I knew I had to try one out. I as torn between All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and the one I bought. Well its not like I club all the time, so I bought the more practical facial mist. This costs USD$29, with the FF discount I paid $20.30, SGD$29.40.

(Taken from Urban Decay website)

When the oil production of your face rivals a small OPEC nation, you need a mighty ally. De-Slick uses innovative oil control that both absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine. The problem-solving formula mists on, feels weightless, and sets makeup so it lasts ALL DAY. Its light dispersing particles deflect shine and deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours. Really.
De-Slick also contains powerful temperature control technology, which keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid, and dehydrating when its cold and windy. Simply mist on before, and again after, your beauty routine to prevent loss of color, melting, sliding, excess shine, fading eyeshadow and lip color disappearance. AND it’s formulated to resist moisture, so you can fearlessly sweat, cry, or get your Jacuzzi on... while your makeup remains looking just-applied.
This seemingly weird extra step suddenly becomes the one step you can’t do without. Backed by years of science, De-Slick is simply unlike any other product available.
And yes, its allergy tested, dermatologist tested, vegan, cruelty free, and free of oil, parabens, and fragrance.

Tips: • Shake it! Before use. • Sweep it! (In an “X” and “T” formation) Across face to evenly distribute mist over eyes, cheeks, lips. • Spray it! Holding bottle about 6-8” from face.

Fill Weight: 118 mL e 4.0 US fl oz.

This is actually produced by Skindinavia which specialises in makeup finishing mists. Check them out here. Prices for the same fill weight are the same but Skindinavia has more varieties of finishing mists. I think it is worth checking them out.

Well the bottle comes with a pump. For the initial use I had to pump quite a few times before product came out. I was worried that I was stuck with a faulty pump. I used this just before applying my foundation. Keeping it almost an arm's distance away I tilted my face upwards and sprayed the mist downwards. This way I catch all the mists and hopefully do not cause much wastage. After all makeup is applied I sprayed it once more. The mist is transparent and fine. It takes only a few seconds for eveything to dry up.

If you know about Singapore weather lately, it is sweltering. The humidity is the worst, there is no way your makeup stays on in this weather. I don't work in a air conditioned environment during the first half of the day. So I'm stuck somewhere in a room where the breeze is non-existence. I sweat tons! Sweat trickle down me. It is that horrible. For the next half of the day I run around in an air-conditioned place unfortunately the air-conditioners broke down yesterday. My god it was terrible! (There is a point to this story, hang in there with me!)

 I had my makeup on at 6.30 a.m. My work day lasted till 5 p.m. I sat down with my colleague and was looking into the mirror. I had no chance to fix my makeup the whole day, not even to blot and you know what? My makeup looked as good as new except for some eye smudging. I wasn't oily at all. My blush was still fresh! This thing works so well!!! At night I used it for a night out. I even skipped my loose powder step. Everything stayed put without any oiliness at all. Girls you have to go get this!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Friday, May 7, 2010

Urban Decay Haul

My eagerly awaited Urban Decay haul came in this week. Yipee! I made use of the 30% Friends and Family discount to get some gifts and stuff for myself.

I bought the Shadow Pony eye palette, Eldorado 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil, the Hall of Fame set and the De-slick Oil Control Facial Spray. And guess how much I paid for all these goodies. SGD$100. It was USD$69.30. I think it is a really good deal.

Reviews soon!

Colourful eye of the day

I was inspired by Beauty On The Way who did the most beautful EOTD with Ransom and Peach from the Urban Decay Deluxe Palette. I tried it out this morning and garnered me many compliments today. By the way, this was taken at the end of my word day which lasted like 9 hours.

Other than using Peach and Ransom and I also used Flipside and Ransome 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shu Uemura Makeup Staples

My favourite eye brow pencil finally gave up on me. I have used it to a stub and it broke. It was too short to get the SA at Shu Uemura to sharpen. For a few days, I was actually using the broken portion to draw my eye brows, how pathetic is that! I gave in and bought a new one together with the eye lash curler because I had mine for almost 3 years now. Time to change to a new one.

I really love these two items. I will continue buying them because for me there are no other replacements.

The eye lash curler fits the curve of my eyes perfectly. I get a perfect curl everytime. I use this everyday whether I am applying mascara or not. My lashes have evenutally become curlier over constant usage.

Unfortunately, Shu Uemura doesn't sell replacement pads. The way the SA explained it to me, by the time you use up the two pads provided, your curler wouldn't be able to do a good job anymore and it is time to replace it. When I used the new one today, I did notice that my lashes curled better than normal.

This the the perfect pencil for brows. I believe it is because of the shape of the pencil to makes it easy to draw brows naturally. It is a bother to go back to the counter to have it sharpened but I find that it is worth the effort

LA Girl Nal Polish

I love going for manicures and pedicures but I'm awfully careless with my hands. My nail polish gets chipped really quickly. I love glittery stuff so this caught my eye.

I was hoping to get the multi coloured glitter version but seems that I have bought the wrong bottle. Sigh! Anyway this is how it looks.

Not really that interesting huh? I think it goes better with a dark base, what do you think?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini drugstore haul

After finding a tool to help me put on fake lashes, I've been hunting for a decent pair of lashes that aren't overly dramatic and unnatural. I don't know why but the lashes at Sasa just look too much for me.

I popped over at John Little's at Jurong Point and picked up these lashes that looked more natural to me. I was also worried about removal. I don't want to harm my natural lashes so I got this.

I can't wait to test them out. John Little is a drugstore makeup heaven. There are so many cute and interesting bibs and bobs of makeup. They sold many versions of the lash applicator thingamajig. Ardell has a version that sells for about $5. There was another, couldn't remember the name that sold for $12.

I couldn't help myself and picked up a glittery nail polish.

Totally non-makeup related but I saw something that totally disgusted and shocked me. I saw a family of three, mom, little sister and big brother about 11 years old perhaps. Big brother and sister were probably having a mini spat like sometimes siblings do. Then mom goes and gives her son a big kick on his hips! Thats not the worst, son kicks mom and they literally had a kick fight going on in a departmental store. I just couldn't help myself but stare, What the hell! And we wonder how sometimes kids act like that, its because their parents arent good examples.