Monday, April 19, 2010

Nordstrom and sephora haul have just arrived!!!

I'm grinning like a cat who has just caught the biggest rat. I went over to mom's today to say hi and pick up my packages. The Nordstrom package was huge!

It's the evening now and my camera sucks at taking pictures in flourescent light so you will have to be contented with sucky pictures for now. I promise I'll take pictures of every single thing on Saturday when I'm free and let's pray that it doesn't rain again. It is getting so dreary here.

So what is in the Sephora pouch???

MUFE HD Blushers in Quickie and First Kiss. They are really tiny but I am loving the colours in the tubes.

The entire Nordstrom haul. Minor rant. My Nordies haul came in three packages. I don't understand that at all. Since it was sent in three different packages, I had to pay more for shipping. Anyway, there is now something called a fuel surcharge added into my shipping cost from Vpost. I had to pay a $4 fuel surcharge.

Anyways, many of the items belong to my colleagues and friends. The Clinique items and NARS are not mine. NARS and Clinique are overpriced in Singapore so it makes sense to stock up on these items. Only the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric is mine. My package came with a 3 piece Caudalie gift set and a ginormous sample set with makeup pouch. I am in love with all the free gifts!!! I am photographing every single free sample when I am free.

I can't wait to try everything and show you better pictures! See you soon.

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