Wednesday, April 28, 2010

False Lash Tryout

I never had luck wearing lash eye lashes, I don't know how to put them on properly. When I do finally get them on, they look very wierd. I have since decided that I don't need them or want them ever!

I popped into Sasa a few days ago to buy some containers. The rows of false eye lashes were mocking me. I stopped by and sneered at them in return. I think the SA must think I was crazy. She asked if she could help and I asked if there was any implement out there that could help a noob like me. Well I left the shop with this.

Plus the cheapest lash glue and set of falsies I could find.

The diagrams look kinda easy right? How hard can it be?

Place freaky looking falsies like so on this pink thingamajig.

Use the pink clippy thingy and pick up said freaky lashes. Put cheapo glue on the end wait for it to be tacky and stick on! Viola! The noob that I am, I stuck it on the wrong eye!!! No wonder it looked so wierd. So I tore it off and tried again.

Wah I look like a drag queen! I hate these lashes, it feels heavy.

The pink implement does make it easier for me. In the past, I couldn't even get the falsies to line up properly along my lashes. Still I had a hard time adjusting the two ends. By the end of it, I was sweating buckets. It still looks awkward and awful but I'm quite encouraged. I think I'll buy a more natural Ardell set to try out next time.

What do you think? Does anyone have tips for me? Pretty please?


  1. To be honest, i actually quite like these falsies on you. They look pretty. I don't have much luck with falsies either, I'd like to come across this device one day =)

  2. Hey Princess Livia, thanks for the compliment. Actually it looks nicer in the picture, in real life it looks too dramatic and awkward. I bought this little thing for $4.90.

  3. Hey that looks pretty good actually! I might try one of these when I feel like wearing falsies and don't have time to fuss with the band.

    I have a tip: trim the lash band. It looks like it's going too far into the inner corners. If it's too long, it'll definitely feel uncomfortable especially if it goes under the hood of your lids. On you it should probably start 1/4 of the way from the inside corner. :) Good luck!

  4. Hey Arianne, thanks so much for your suggestion. I will try it out.


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